“Don’t let that innocent face fool you”- ‘Friends’ Actress Jennifer Aniston Keeping It Real About Her First Impressions of ‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman

“Don’t let that innocent face fool you”- ‘Friends’ Actress Jennifer Aniston Keeping It Real About Her First Impressions of ‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman

Ozark has achieved tremendous stardom over the years with its stunning line of cast. Since it is first aired in 2017, it has been an absolute award magnet of show. The directing actor Jason Bateman gave the headstart just five days ahead of its first episode release. The star was honored by the Hollywood walk of fame in times square on 27th July 2017. A famous individual presented the honor from the industry who happens to be a Friends actor and Jason’s long-term close friend. Yes, you guessed it right! It was none other than Jennifer Aniston, A.K.A Rachael Green. 

The celebrity had shocking revelations about the director from their initial friendships. Jennifer and Jason have been friends for decades. From being childhood buddies to being co-stars in numerous movies, Jennifer and Jason happen to know some deep secrets about each other. Jennifer just slipped some of it from her tongue at the event. Here is everything she said about Bateman on his special day. 

Jennifer Aniston goes down memory lane with childhood buddy Jason Bateman

Jen first started off by showing some pictures of Young Jason with the baby fat. She also revealed his muppet magazine and gave a hilarious remark on the same. “Don’t let this innocent face fool you,” said the actress. After which, she shared her first impressions of Jason. According to the star, it was new year’s eve with a blizzard outside just when they heard someone calling for help.

However, when they go outside, they see Jason in a truck fishtailing the wrong way down a one-way street. He was hanging halfway through the car door with a leg tucked outside in a Fred Flinstone style gushing through the thick layers of snow. As hilarious as it was, the bewildering incident still remains etched in the memories of the two childhood buddies. 

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And Jason has outgrown his days of being an over-served and terrifying little guy to be a mature, calm, and eminent actor-director to this day. He gave all credit for this to his wife, Amanda Anka, who stopped him from going down the wrong way in an icy street, both literally and figuratively. Throwing light on his already glorified career, Aniston called the actor, director, and producer a “triple threat and ended her warm welcome speech for Bateman. 

Both the stars continue to be close friends to this day as both excel at life in their respective fields. What do you think about two contradictory show leaders and their friendship? Comment below.

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