“Don’t get punched by them,” – When Ryan Gosling Hilariously Recalled the Time He Got Punched by Harrison Ford

“Don’t get punched by them,” – When Ryan Gosling Hilariously Recalled the Time He Got Punched by Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, a superstar of his time, was known for his famous film Blade Runner. Released in 1982, the film broke all the records for hit films. After 35 years of its release, in 2017, Denis Villeneuve decided to make a sequel, Blade Runner 2049. But this time, they approached the superstar of the respective year, Ryan Gosling. However, the makers did not stop there. They also decided to hire the original star of the film, Harrison Ford, to work again. This is where the hilarious story of Harrison punching Ryan began.

The chemistry between these two superstars is iconic in the film, and their on-set dynamic was just as good. Despite that, Ford ended up punching Gosling in the face during the shoot. How did the incident take place?

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How Harrison Ford ended up punching Ryan Gosling in the face once

Given his memorable 2016 film La La Land, Ryan Gosling was an obvious choice as the lead for such a huge and important film sequel as Blade Runner 2049, released on October 6, 2017. Just two days before the release, Gosling and Ford happened to appear on This Morning to promote their film. It was during this interview that The Gray Man actor gave a warning: “They say don’t meet your heroes. I would say don’t get punched by them.” when Ford finally confirmed the rumors about him punching his co-star right in the face.

This revelation came with the anchor, Alison Hammond, asking Harrison about the change in stunts after 35 years and how difficult he found them. The Blade Runner actor shared how he found it extremely difficult and ended up punching Gosling in the face once during the shoot. Interestingly enough, Ford missed the mark for 99 shots before he finally punched Gosling in the face.

The altercation resulted in no bad blood between the actors, however, since Gosling played the incident up to “That’s show business.” The incident may have stung The Notebook star’s face, but the movie received favorable reviews from critics, with IMDb scoring it an 8 and Rotten Tomatoes giving it an 88%.

What do you think about Gosling’s hilarious warning about meeting your heroes? Is there a star whom you wouldn’t mind being punched by? Share your thoughts with us the comments below.

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