“Don’t buy it” – What Food Habit Change Made Arnold Schwarzenegger “Fantastic”

“Don’t buy it” – What Food Habit Change Made Arnold Schwarzenegger “Fantastic”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had 75 years on this planet, most of which he spent conquering the bodybuilding and acting industry, and another good part as the Governor of California for almost seven years. And right now, he is the former Governor of California. To have success so big in fields so vast, one must remain very healthy. And considering that Schwarzenegger started lifting weights when he was just fifteen years, he surely must have had to take in a lot of protein.

With seven Mr. Olympia and a sports level under his name, Schwarzenegger has left quite a legacy in the bodybuilding department. But contradicting many of our assumptions, the bodybuilder has been dairy-free for more than forty years, famously saying, “Milk is for babies.” However, The Terminator actor’s healthy eating does not just stop there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger could not agree more with China on THIS matter

In 2016, before it got swooped up into the pandemic, China devised a plan to efficiently reduce obesity and diabetes in the country. They planned to cut meat consumption by 50%.

It definitely ruffled the feathers of many, but made environmentalists very happy. And although Arnold Schwarzenegger did not have anything to do with the law, considering that he was the former Governor of California, the actor came out in support of cutting down on meat consumption.

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Arnold revealed that his doctor had advised him countless times to cut off his meat consumption and the actor finally complied. He revealed that he was trying to get off mean and PETA was more than happy to report it. “I’m slowly getting off meat and I can tell you, I feel fantastic!” Schwarzenegger said to PETA.

The former bodybuilder said that meat isn’t the only thing that can make you strong and it is healthier to cut it off. Not only The Terminator himself but the mastermind behind the science fiction superhero, James Cameron thinks so too. The director and his wife are firm believers in the vegan lifestyle. The former Governor of California consumes 2750 calories a day, and while full milk is a huge no-no, Arnold does have low-fat milk.

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    John G
    October 23, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    Meatless the only way to fly. If everyone quit eating meat. The earth would be healthier. More land for heart healthy vegetables & fruit. Livestock would be pets, or provide dairy products. No orphaned baby calves, pigs, chickens & turkeys. No slaughtering & no untold poisons from terrified animals, pumped into our bodies. Healthier & longer lives due to a lack animal fat. Our bodies are extremely adaptive. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, with provide all the protein we need.

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