Does the Alabama Cottage From ‘Against the Ice’ on Netflix Still Exist in Reality? Where Is It Located?

Does the Alabama Cottage From ‘Against the Ice’ on Netflix Still Exist in Reality? Where Is It Located?

The historical survival drama, Against the Ice by Peter Flinth, starring Coster-Waldau as Mikkelsen, Joe Cole as Iver Iversen, and Charles Dance highlights the hostile icy terrain for the viewers. The film develops around Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen, who went on a Denmark expedition in an attempt to prove the United States wrong. The United States is claiming North-Eastern Greenland. But little did the captain know that all the odds were against the expedition. His ship got stuck in the ice and his trusted associate was injured. He went on the expedition alone with an inexperienced crew member, Iver Iversen.

Captain and Iverson investigate the burial ground of a hostile frontier. But the task is just like finding a needle in a haystack. The duo, with their undying spirit, spent two years finding the grave. During these two years, the duo lived in an Alabama cottage. But did you know that the Alabama Cottage is an actual place that you can visit? If the location of the Alabama Cottage mesmerized you, let’s unfold the map together, and find out the place.

Is Alabama Cottage real?

During their expedition, Iverson left the place for a hike. After hearing two gunshots, he came running for Mikkelsen. He found out two of their running dogs are dead, and Mikkelsen is fighting for his life with a polar bear. Iverson shoots the bear and saves Mikkelsen’s life. While returning to the base, the duo found Mikkelsen’s ship, Alabama, buried under the snow. The ship was already destroyed badly. So, the crew of the ship is so generous that they made a cottage from the ship’s wood and leave supplies worth a year.

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That’s how the name Alabama Cottage came.

So, if you are still wondering where is the Alabama Cottage and whether you can visit it or not, it really depends on how adventurous you are. The Alabama Cottage is still there at the top of the ice. But there is still an argument about the entire plot. There was a Danish Navy inspection ship which was named after Ejner Mikkelsen. During their inspection in September 2010, they found Alabama Cottage and photographed it.

So, wake up your adventurous genes, and go visit the Alabama Cottage in person or watch the fictional version in Against the Ice.

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