Does Henry Cavill Fandom Want to File a Lawsuit Against Warner Bros for Misleading Them?

Does Henry Cavill Fandom Want to File a Lawsuit Against Warner Bros for Misleading Them?

In October 2022, the Superman actor, Henry Cavill, announced his return in Black Adam. Soon after, the actor announced his comeback, the DCU asked him to announce his departure as well. Because fans had high hopes as they were waiting for the Man of Steel actor to come back for a long time, they became heartbroken. While some argued about it was not fair, others talked about filing a lawsuit against Warner Bros for using the British actor for the promotion of Black Adam and misleading the fandom.

Cavill reprised his role of Superman in the post-credit scene of Black Adam. His appearance along with Cavill’s announcement led fans to imagine more of Superman. However, as Warner Bros did not continue Man of Steel 2 and axed the actor, fans became angry. Therefore, they now want to sue Warner Bros for false advertisement, as reported by Giant Freakin Robot.

They even want James Gunn fired from the Studios. The entire fandom thinks Warner Bros and the DCEU misused Henry Cavill for publicity when they did not want to continue his Superman in the future.

While fans were not happy with the axing and using of the 39-year-old actor, James Gunn’s recent revelation added fuel to the fire. He answered fans and said there was never any contract with Cavill to reprise his role. Therefore, fans thought if there was not any contract, why did Warner Bros use The Witcher actor for the publicity of the film?

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Fans defend Henry Cavill and want to sue Warner Bros

Because the new DC boss announced the contract details, fans want Cavill to sue them. However, they think he would not do it because it wouldn’t change anything. Evidently, the studio hired Gunn around the time they hired Cavill to play Superman once again. Therefore, they asked questions about why they hired the Superman actor in the first place.

Even when Zack Snyder was directing Justice League, the studio let him go because of his darker take on the DC characters that was criticized by a certain section of DCU fans. However, afterward, Snyder was hired to complete his version of the film.

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These details, said the fandom, is sufficient for them to sue Warner Bros.

Do you think the fandom would file a lawsuit? Share your opinions with us in the comment box below.

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