Do Eleven and Henry Creel Share More Than Just An Intellectual Connection In Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ 4?

Do Eleven and Henry Creel Share More Than Just An Intellectual Connection In Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ 4?

Since season 1, viewers were suspicious about Eleven’s relationship with the Hawkins National Laboratory and the haunted Upside Down. But the truth was divulged with the release of season 4 on Netflix after a pause of three years. Viewers saw that Eleven and Peter share a deeper connection than it seems on the outskirts of the story told by 001. Nobody knows about Eleven’s power origin and why they are similar to Henry’s psychic abilities. Is there another story hiding behind the mysterious connection between 001 and 011? Or is it just a coincidence as both of them share the same past experiences? 

There is a new angle coming up for Eleven’s lineage in Netflix’s Stranger Things

Season 1 depicted Eleven as an abandoned child, who is different from normal people. However, nobody seemed to question her paternity in these four seasons and not even a soul asked about her father. Everyone assumed it was Papa. While she found her mother Terry, she was broken after Dr. Benner took Eleven away, followed by extreme shock therapy. The origin of Eleven’s telekinetic powers is indefinite, so fans started guessing about this overlooked topic, as well.

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Fans of Netflix Original Stranger Things have proved that they will dig the storyline of Hawkins until they reach the roots of it. For instance, we saw fans on social media making comments on characters, highlighting left-out details, supporting villains, and so on. But this theory is a new thing to talk about because according to the novel Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, Terry was pregnant with Eleven by her lover Andrew. Somehow this incident connects it to Dr. Brenner’s experiment with his first child 001, who was living with him at that time. 

Moreover, Peter Ballard once told Eleven that she is just like him in every sense and they should remain together. Furthermore, he mentioned in Eleven’s dream sequence that all the kids including her are a recreation project of 001. This statement can give away the idea that Dr. Brenner used Henry’s DNA to create more supernatural kids like him. This won’t be a stretch because we have seen Papa possessing the best of technologies and scientists in his lab, always doing some research on kids.  

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Therefore, this theory interprets why Dr. Brenner and Henry Creel both favor Eleven. And that this connection between 001 and 011 can be more than just mental and more practical in reality. However, this is just the idea viewers have brought up, which can be the biggest plot change of Stranger Things. Let’s see what the next volume reveals until then keep binge-watching your favorite streamer Netflix.

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