Check These Documentaries Like Tiger King On Netflix

Check These Documentaries Like Tiger King On Netflix

Tiger King is one of Netflix’s biggest releases and definitely the most popular documentary on the platform. It is based on the life of zookeeper and felon Joe Exotic, who was involved in many criminal activities, including but not limited to animal abuse and hire for murder. The docu-series is unpredictable, twisted, provides many insights, and, let’s admit it, extremely weird. After devouring Tiger King, here are other documentaries like it on Netflix.

Documentaries to motivate you to protect animals

The main focus of Tiger King might have been a failing legal system with the premise and backdrop were that of animal abuse and the lack of attention the topic commands. Joe Exotic continued to abuse tigers for years without end and his workers saw him. Many knew what the supposed “Tiger King” was up to, but no one said a thing. Instead of paying attention to Carole Baskin and the movement she supported, people focused on her personal life. Unsubstantiated theories about her husband’s disappearance gained more popularity on social media than Exotic’s proven crimes. This brings us to encourage our readers to watch animal documentaries. They focus on how humans are harming wildlife and what big and small changes they can make to prevent that.

Chasing Coral

Social media has brought to attention the disappearance of coral reefs. But, Chasing Coral delves deeper into a campaign to bring to attention the intensity and impact of the same.


There are few on Earth that don’t absolutely adore these animals. From working as service dogs to war veterans and the physically challenged to just being loyal pets, dogs are beloved for a reason. This docu-series is about the bond that humans form with dogs and why we need to cherish it. Although based on animals widely loved, Dogs reminds viewers that their empathy should not be based on aesthetic appeal. It is not just the cute animals we must protect.

Mission Blue

If Sylvia Plath’s tender writing about the oceans isn’t motivating enough for you to preserve the life that resides in it, oceanographer Sylvia Earle is here to save the day. Mission Blue is about her campaign to save the world’s ocean from overfishing and toxic waste, a topic not given enough attention to.

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Documentaries like Tiger King – weird, quirky version

Tiger King was insightful, yes, but that isn’t the reason it became so popular. There are numerous other documentaries that talk about the crimes Joe Exotic did. Each of them is significantly more convincing, thrilling, and haunting. What made Tiger King stand out was its quirky nature. Joe Exotic was a man with a mullet in the 21st century who falls in love quicker than he can learn people’s names. On the other hand, there is Carole Baskin. As influential as the woman is, she greets people with “hey you all cool cats and kittens” and wears cat-eared headbands. The series was a rollercoaster ride, owing to its eccentric nature.

Behind The Curve

The documentary on Netflix is about a group of people who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat. No, they aren’t being ironic. This group calls itself The Flat Earth Society, and that is all the motivation you need to watch this documentary surrounding them.

Three Identical Strangers

Remember when you imagined having a twin that was separated from you at birth? And you would later meet them?

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Three Identical Strangers brings to life an elevated version of the same. The identical triplets were separated at birth and they later meet in college. They make headlines, bag a film with pop icon Madonna, and start their own restaurant.

The Family

Conspiracy theories can only be taken seriously up to an extent. After a point, they get comical. The Family is a documentary about a group of people controlling the world’s governments. No, it not about the Illuminati. In fact, it’s about a contra-Illuminati group, a bunch of orthodox Christians that refer to themselves as The Family.

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