Do You Know ‘The Royal Treatment’ Has These Many Accents?

Do You Know ‘The Royal Treatment’ Has These Many Accents?

In Netflix’s The Royal Treatment, we all have noticed Laura Marano’s accent. But did we notice any other accent from  other characters?

Recently, Netflix Film Club has released a video on YouTube claiming that the film has 16 different types of accents. Laura Marano (Izzy), Mena Massoud (Prince Thomas), and other actors in The Royal Treatment play characters with distinctive accents. While Laura’s Italian and New York accents are obvious, the video challenges us to identify all of them. How well will we fare?

We have figured one accent, fifteen more to go. Let’s explore other characters’ accents in The Royal Treatment.

16 Accents You Heard in The Royal Treatment

We can say Izzy gave us the vibe of the perfect blending of a Bronx Italian. Since she has a connection to both the places, her accent is quite impressive, we must say.

Now, let us talk about Walter and other servants in the palace. Every servant has a unique and different accent of their own. Cameron Rhodes, who played the role of Walter, has a very common British butler accent. However, other servants in the palace don’t have that. For instance, the gardener’s accent is linked to the old countryside in London, while the manager of the palace has a strict French accent. Petra, on the other hand, has a perfect Irish Lass accent.

Even the citizens of Lavania have different accents, including Australian Ex-pat and New Zealander accents. Now let’s talk about the royalty of Lavania. Both the king and queen have a very regular stuffy royalty accent, but the accent of Prince Thomas differs from his father and step-mom. He has a unique New York Canadian accent because Mena Massoud spent his whole in Canada.

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Now, let us explore different accents of characters belonging to the United States. The greedy broker of Izzy’s salon has a regular Queens accent. On the other hand, her two best friends have a common Brooklyn Queens accent. However, Izzy’s mom doesn’t have an Italian accent, rather she has a perfect New York accent, while Thomas’s fiance had a subtle Texan accent.

With all these accents, The Royal Treatment was a real treat to watch. What did you think of all the accents in the film?

The Royal Treatment is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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