Do You Know How Much Profit Kanye West Generated From His Donda Rollout Back in 2021

Do You Know How Much Profit Kanye West Generated From His Donda Rollout Back in 2021

Famous for his musical genius in Hollywood Kanye West has created some of the top-selling albums in the past years. The fans probably remember the launch of his tenth studio album Donda, which brought him massive commercial success. It became the most streamed album of the year 2021 on the first day, both on Apple Music and Spotify. Not to mention, the album has been certified platinum in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Considering the fact that the songs topped the US Billboard 200 back then, can you imagine how much money Ye would have made from it?

According to Rap TV, the rapper earned about $13 million in gross revenue from his music tour for Donda. And it is only the amount that is calculated from the ticket sale and merchandise. Moving forward to the release of the album on streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, he racked up $176,000 total in 24 hours with over 180 Million streams worldwide.

It was astounding to see that the Praise God singer achieved such a huge milestone in a single day as there are many people who fail to do it their whole life.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the fashion and music mogul has lost his luster now. We haven’t heard in the last two years that he is working on a new album or doing any collaboration. Instead, he surrounded himself with controversies that robbed him of his partnerships and other money sources.

How did the aftermath of the anti-Semitic tirade affect the financial gains of Kanye West? 

As per the calculations done by Forbes, the antisemitic outburst has not only cost Ye his billionaire status but left him under huge financial debts. The Grammy winner who once stood with a net worth of $2 billion now dropped to $400 million.

In addition to the termination, allegations, and disgrace, Kanye West is also facing several lawsuits against unpaid bills. The ex-billionaire went missing after his former manager filed a case against him for $4.5 million. Even his attorney team has backed out and currently, he has no legal support to fend for his cases.

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Will Ye gain back his billionaire title anytime soon? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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