Disappointment! Ryan Reynolds Will Not Be Playing With Wrexham AFC for the $1 Million Tournament, as Announced Previously

Disappointment! Ryan Reynolds Will Not Be Playing With Wrexham AFC for the $1 Million Tournament, as Announced Previously

The owners of the third oldest professional football club would play with the team. How does that sound? It would have been very exciting for fans. Their fans would have loved the Hollywood celebrities suited up to play with the team. But this will not happen. Ryan Reynolds and his partner, Rob McElhenney were to play at the WakeMed Soccer Park with their team. But unfortunately, they will not play because of a valid reason.

Jake Pavorsky, who is the director of player personnel along with the public relations for The Basketball Tournament and The Soccer Tournament, addressed the news recently. He denied the rumors and clarified them as well. He confirmed the Deadpool actor and his partner, McElhenney would not play alongside their team. That news was not legitimate and was misinformed.

Wrexham AFC would have been 1 of 23 teams to play in June for a $1 million prize at The Soccer Tournament. The Hollywood celebrities’ team was to make its first U.S. appearance in Cary along with their owners playing with them. However, the celebrities would not be seen playing on the field, as per The News & Observer.

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Everyone was excited because after the Hollywood giants gained the football club, the team also got huge recognition. The Canadian actor always wanted to take the Welsh team to a next level. He had a beautiful and wide vision for the team’s future. Here is their journey of going global.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney gave Wrexham AFC a global identity

The Canadian actor once slid into the DMs of his now partner, Rob McElhenney regarding buying Wrexham AFC. Before that, the actors had not met or worked together. In 2020, they got control over the Welsh football team, and ever since then they are thriving. Both actors are very close to each other. McElhenney even said Reynolds was his brother and made him emotional at the American Cinematheque Award.

They even documented their journey in a documentary titled Welcome to Wrexham. From not knowing anything about football to being a favorite in their community, the actors have come a long way. Unfortunately, they will not play in Cary. Although it would have been exciting to watch them playing in the field.

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