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Did You Notice Caleb McLaughlin’s Tribute To Kobe Bryant In Stranger Things 4?

Saying it! Doing it! Both these statements take a long road to reach the destination. However, Caleb McLaughlin playing Lucas Sinclair in the fiction horror Stranger Things has proved his true fanship towards legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant. Caleb, who has always been a hardcore fan of Black Mamba wanted to honor his memory. Not to mention he chose the most heartwarming way to show his love for American basketball star Kobe Bryant. 

Lucas’ Jersey says it all in the first episode of Stranger Things 4

Released on May 27, 2022 season 4 came with a bang and became the most streamed show on Netflix. While all the characters are settling down in their high school lives we get to see a new Lucas Sinclair. He is a benched player on Hawkins High basketball team with a cool haircut like sportsmen usually keep. But there is more to it than Lucas just playing basketball this season when viewers see his Jersey with ‘number 8’. Therefore, the number directly connected it to the associated player Kobe Bryant. As Black Mamba started his basketball career with number 8 Jersey and is now remembered as one of the greatest players in basketball history. 

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The tribute has touched the heart of Kobe Bryant’s fans in Stranger Things season 4

Watching Lucas wearing a throwback Bryant’s jersey has made viewers emotional and the scene has gone viral. After the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant In a helicopter crash, it was the first time that a Netflix show paid its tributes. Moreover, the idea belonged to Caleb McLaughlin who is inspired by the player’s success as a Laker and a human being. 

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Viewers noticed this heartfelt move taken by Caleb and appreciated him thoroughly. Social media pages are overflowing with Caleb and Bryant’s photos and comments. Fans are tweeting about how Caleb has revived this great man’s memory. After all, this tribute has turned out as something meaningful for the true fans of Kobe Bryant. When we see Lucas playing basketball in a yellow Lakers jersey with the number 8. Hence, it was a true justice to Black Mamba’s memory!

See how fans are going all mushy over Caleb McLaughlin’s token of love to Black Mamba. 

Book a quick seat on Netflix and watch Lucas Sinclair tossing down basketball in Bryant’s jersey.

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