Did You Know That Liam Hemsworth Was the Front Runner for the Geralt of Rivia Even Before Henry Cavill?

Did You Know That Liam Hemsworth Was the Front Runner for the Geralt of Rivia Even Before Henry Cavill?

Every once in a while, there comes a role that completely takes over the hearts of the audience. Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia is one such role. While Cavill has given us a plethora of memorable roles over the years, his part in Netflix’s fantasy series The Witcher has a seperate fan base of its own. Sadly, the British actor announced that he won’t be continuing his role as the Geralt. And another popular actor Liam Hemsworth would carry the show from now on.

Liam Hemsworth is also one of the most renowned faces in Hollywood. While the idea of the Hunger Games actor taking over as Geralt is not very exciting to The Witcher fans, there is an interesting fact only a few of us know. Time and again, Cavill has revealed how the Geralt of Rivia was a role that excited him and he was very eager to play the part. But did you know that Liam Hemsworth was the leading choice before Cavill landed the role.

Was Liam Hemsworth also in the race for the role of Geralt of Rivia with Henry Cavill?

In recent times, Cavill leaving The Witcher has been making the headlines. While news of Liam Hemsworth taking  the Man Of Steel’s place was not well received by the fans, The Last Song actor already shares some history with the role. Moreover, The Witcher resource website Redanian Intelligence made some interesting revelations.

Interestingly, Hemsworth was already competing for the role of the Geralt of Rivia back in 2018. The 32-year-old star was amongst the top five candidates in line for the part along with the Gossip Girl star Sebastian Stan and Henry Cavill. Despite being a viable candidate, Hemsworth was not selected as Cavill was later casted as the Geralt of Rivia. Two seasons in, Cavill became a world-wide sensation owing to his incredible performance as the character. However, the reason behind why Cavill quit is still unknown.

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When will the third season of The Witcher release?

For now, the third season of the popular sci-fi series is under post production and most likely will release in the summer of 2023. Only time will tell whether or not Liam was an appropriate choice for the role.

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