Did You Know Ryan Reynolds Had a Hilarious Quick Cameo in ‘Ted 2’?

Did You Know Ryan Reynolds Had a Hilarious Quick Cameo in ‘Ted 2’?

Ryan Reynolds is mostly known for his comedy action roles in The Hitman’s Bodyguard, or most notably Deadpool. The actor has also made special appearances in several movies over his long career. While some of the special appearances were hits, some are just not memorable. One recent cameo that left its impact on the viewers came in the Bullet Train. Boasting a star-studded cast and cameos from the likes of Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock, Reynolds’ role just added a perfect little twist to the narrative.

While his Bullet Train cameo is most talked about because it’s recent, fans often forget about his hilarious appearance in Ted 2. But then again, it was a pre-Deadpool Reynolds looking a bit goofy!

Ryan Reynolds had a unique role in Ted 2

The 2012 comedy flick Ted spawned another sequel in 2015 after achieving commercial success. While fans expected Mark Wahlberg to return with his potty-mouthed teddy bear, Ted, they did not think the Canadian would drop in too! In what looks like a party, Mark’s John Bennett is relaxing on a couch when Guy comes across him. He is holding hands with Ryan Reynolds. When Mark looks confused, Guy explains that he is gay and introduces his lover, The Proposal star.

The Wrexham owner does not utter a single dialogue during the entire blink-and-miss appearance, and only has an awkward smile plastered on his face. Director Seth MacFarlane did not just cleverly accommodate the Canadian, but also had a clever reference to Family Guy.

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Ted 2 also contains a nod to Family Guy 

According to Looper, MacFarlane had incorporated a clever nod to his longest-running animated sitcom on TV, Family Guy in Ted 2. During a New York comic-con event, chaos engulfed the arena when a fight broke out. In between this mayhem, someone dressed as Peter Griffin clashed with a guy dressed as a chicken. 

Family Guy fans would immediately know that it’s a reference to the countless fights between Griffin and Ernie, the chicken in the show. Their dispute goes back to the time when Ernie cheated him with an expired coupon. Ever since then, their fights are common and frequent on the show. 

We are pretty sure that the cameos from the actor will not stop anytime soon. But he is rather busy with his fourth baby! Do you remember this Ted 2 cameo of Reynolds? Let us know in the comments below.  

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