Did You Know Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are Helping Netflix Expand Its Hiring Pool?

Did You Know Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are Helping Netflix Expand Its Hiring Pool?

Everybody deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams. When you reach the top and become successful, it becomes your duty to give back to society as a token of gratitude. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are doing that and now Netflix has joined them as well. Let us give you a deeper idea about their endeavor.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are helping the newbies like this!

We know that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are couple goals for many of us. They have now added another reason for us to love them. The couple’s company Group Efforts Initiative is working to hire people for film and television production jobs. GEI, along with Netflix, help people who seek jobs but belong to under-represented communities excel in their career.

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The partners aim to create opportunities and provide training and entry-level jobs for the people, who belong to the marginalized communities in the USA and Canada. This program will provide a ladder to the participants of GEI by training them for on-set productions. They will also get placements on various Netflix productions in North America in 2022.

“We started the Group Effort Initiative a little less than two years ago to create a pipeline for underrepresented voices in our industry,” Reynolds and Lively said. They also talk about their partnership with Netflix and say that the growth of their company is larger than they had thought and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the streaming giant. Their initiative started during the production of The Adam Project and will now expand to many more Netflix productions. And the couple thank Scott Stuber and the whole team for working with great commitment for this achievement.

GEI and Netflix paired together

Launched and financed by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, GEI started in August 2020. The first group of trainees worked with Netflix on The Adam Project. The team worked in many entry-level jobs for production assistants, which included camera, construction, costume, makeup, and other departments. The collaboration was successful and both the parties felt satisfied. So, Netflix and GEI agreed to work together on upcoming projects.

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“At Netflix, we believe more people deserve to have their lives reflected on screen and that starts with the important people behind the camera,” commented Scott Stuber. He expressed their joy in working with the new partners and said they are happy to create opportunities for the upcoming generation of creative minds. He added that these creatives will shape the future of the entertainment industry.

Well, we know that Ryan’s a charmer as we have seen him with David Letterman, and in The Adam Project. Let us know your view about this initiative by the couple.

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