Did You Know Prince Harry Was Once Crowned as the Top Red Hot Man of the Year 2020?

Did You Know Prince Harry Was Once Crowned as the Top Red Hot Man of the Year 2020?

Heavy is the head who weighs the crown but hot is the one who is 5th in line to the succession. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry might have parted his ways from his royal base, but his royalties have never ceased to flourish. With the Spencer family’s ginger gene still going strong, the Prince once had a charming crown to carry if not that of the Monarch. 

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Speaking of the UK’s royal family, the one name that strikes us when we think of its hottest member is undoubted, the ginger head Prince of Windsors, Prince Harry. It is not just us but the polls speaking for themselves that there is no one as charming as the Duke in the entire lineage. 

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As reported by Unilad, Prince Harry was crowned the Red Hot Man of the year, in 2020 despite the treacherous backlashes that followed in the aftermath of the infamous Megxit. The title was awarded by the RH company which works on rebranding “the ginger male stereotype.It reportedly roots for all the redheaded pioneers of philanthropic works and influences in society. 

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The same also released a handful of steamy calendars that showcased such charming redheads of the era. Prince Harry was one of the very few horsemen of the same title. He aptly justified the “se*y and desirable” category of the listings and topped it all to receive the badge. 

What other titles was Prince Harry bestowed with? 

In fact, in the same year, 2020, People’s Magazine also branded the Duke as the Se*iest Royal Alive according to the then-latest polls. Despite the Palace renunciation and trenchant controversies that followed, the Duke kept all his titles intact, both professional and personal. 

Credits : Imago

Prince Harry’s thirst trap titles are nowhere near an end. Not only as the Red Hot Man but during his butterfly days, the youngest of King Charles was the ‘most eligible bachelor of the year’. Giving tough competition to his own brother, and many in the line, the Duke of Sussex has time and again, emerged as the most dashing personality in the UK Monarchy to ever exist. 

What are your opinions on the same? Do you also think the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry was the deserving titleholder of the above-mentioned tags? Let us know in the comments below.

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