Did You Know Prince Harry Trusted Meghan Markle’s Photographer Ramona Rosales for His Memoir’s Cover Picture?

Did You Know Prince Harry Trusted Meghan Markle’s Photographer Ramona Rosales for His Memoir’s Cover Picture?

Prince Harry is finally coming up with his much-anticipated and controversial memoir. On October 27, Thursday, Random House Group unveiled the first look of the tell-all book. It is all set to hit the stores on January 10, 2023 and has been titled Spare. The memoir is expected to give a personal and powerful insight into the life of the royal Prince. 

Harry has described himself as a husband, father, humanitarian, environmentalist, military veteran, and mental wellness advocate in his author bio. The buzz around the book can be deduced from the fact that its cover picture has also managed to make headlines. Since the first look was revealed, social media users found a connection between Prince Harry’s cover picture and his wife, Meghan Markle.

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Prince Harry reveals his vulnerable side in the cover picture 

Photographer Ramona Rosales has clicked Spare’s cover picture featuring Prince Harry. The powerful photo perfectly essays the mood of the book as it is revealing an emotional and vulnerable side of the Duke of Sussex. Notably, Rosales is the same photographer who took Meghan Markle’s pictures for her latest interview with Variety.

The interview attracted a lot of attention as Markle candidly discussed the Queen for the first time following her death. She also spoke at length regarding their Netflix docuseries, her Spotify podcast, and her recent visit to the United Kingdom. In the interview, the Duchess was all praises for the late monarch. She hailed her as the most shining example of female leadership. 

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Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s book has already landed in a trouble. As soon as the cover was unveiled, the royal correspondent Piers Morgan accused the Duke of copying. Through his official Twitter handle, Morgan blamed Harry for copying the cover photo idea from the tennis sensation Andre Agassi. He also mentioned that the royal Prince has hired the same ghostwriter as Andre for his memoir. 

“This is hilarious. Harry didn’t just hire the same ghost-writer who did Andre Agassi’s book, he’s even copied the front cover photo,” Morgan wrote.

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