Did You Know One of Ryan Reynolds’ Closest Acquaintances once Tried Selling His Daughter’s Pictures online?

Did You Know One of Ryan Reynolds’ Closest Acquaintances once Tried Selling His Daughter’s Pictures online?

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is currently thriving at the peak of his career. His myriad of businesses and smash-hit Hollywood movies have established him as a world-renowned personality of the era. However, with great power come great responsibilities. Apart from his sprawling empire, he has a beautiful family of five to take care of. And sometimes, that takes a toll on the actor. 

Or so he said in a detailed interview with GQ. Being a father has not been just fun and games for the star. Sometimes, he has had to face some major challenges. Speaking of the same, the interviewer questioned him about certain complications that come along with three growing daughters in a world as we know it. The actor gave us some pointers but also narrated a suspicious incident with his eldest daughter that had triggered the father of three. 

Ryan Reynolds breaks down on the picture scandal of his daughter

While talking to his family, Ryan Reynolds revealed that one of his friends “had been shopping pictures of my baby around.” He also explained how he kind of got in front of it. Nonetheless, it lies in his memory as one of the darkest periods his family has gone through.It was a bad couple of weeks,” he narrated as he spoke of the incident. The star further revealed in despair that it was the first time someone close to him had betrayed his trust. 

It was like death,” he said, talking of how “it was one of those devastating things to find out.” The aftermath of the incident resulted in Reynolds confronting his friend with a strongly worded conversation. The heated tensions led to a complete fallout between the two friends. He considered this an unfortunate outcome of whatever happened. However, that was the ultimate result they concluded at. 

They never spoke in terms again, and Reynolds did what any other frustrated father would have done. He cut all ties with the person despite the close attachment they once shared. The interview later covered more about his daily life as a father and the work dynamics that he has to balance with it.

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What is your take on the matter? Were you aware of the same before? Tell us how you felt about the way Ryan Reynolds dealt with the scandal.

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