Did You Know Meghan Markle Spoke Against Sexism at The Age of 11?

Did You Know Meghan Markle Spoke Against Sexism at The Age of 11?

Despite all the hardships that have come her way, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has always stood tall and proud with her bold stance on crucial matters. Some of it proved to be too expensive for the young philanthropist. However, nothing could stop her from forging ahead with her firm virtues and principles against matters like sexism. But did you know that Markle had joined the tough fight for feminism ever since she was merely an eleven-year-old? 

Legends have it, that Meghan had begun to make a mark on the world from her pre-teen era. Here is an instance to prove the same. There sparked a controversy some thirty years ago surrounding a commercial that outraged Meghan. Nevertheless, no matter how tough the situation turned out to be, she went out of her way to put her genuine opinion on the table. But what had happened exactly? Read further to know more. 

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11-year-old Meghan Markle on sexism

In her attempt to “make a difference for not just herself but for a lot of other people,” Meghan Markle became a star that people started to look up to. In a 90s commercial that reportedly advertised liquid detergents for laundry, Meghan noticed that there was something wrong. She did not appreciate the idea of always choosing women for ads as such.

In her opinion back then, “most people said a lot of things, and people don’t even notice.” In brief, she did not encourage the fact that women were always seen as less powerful than men. Advocating her thoughts, she wrote a letter to the president of the commercial company asking if they could change the message that it supposedly delivered.

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The company was called Procter and Gamble which immediately changed the ad’s narrative respecting Meghan’s broadminded opinion. The words of an eleven-year-old started echoing in every household. The effect was vividly distinguishable. Ever since markets throughout the country started to air commercials that were less gender biased.


In hindsight, it was only the first of her many ongoing attempts to change the world for the better. Meghan who is presently a UN Woman ambassador once again addressed the issue in one of her speeches. The Duchess throughout her career has made many other striking remarks that have made significant differences.

What are your opinions on Meghan’s first-ever battle against sexism?

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