Did You Know Meghan Markle is Heading ‘The Power of Women’ Dinner With Tables Costing Over $5k?

Did You Know Meghan Markle is Heading ‘The Power of Women’ Dinner With Tables Costing Over $5k?

Amidst all controversies and backlashes, people who tend to be extraordinary in their perspective towards life keep rising high. Meghan Markle is a living epitome of the same. The former American actress faced a huge outrage on social media owing to her recent podcast episodes. However, being least bothered about the same, Markle marches unhindered. Did you hear about the upcoming event that will be head the Duchess? 

Markle has forever been an advocate of human rights and women’s empowerment. Almost all her social projects and campaigns are aimed at the betterment of society, especially women who are exploited in the hands of a chauvinistic society. Owing to the same, various sources reported the news giving details of a special upcoming event. Meghan is to be interviewed before thousands of US citizens in the city of Indianapolis. Scroll down to know the time, venue, and theme of the proceedings. 

Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to invite Meghan Markle as the chief guest of an event

As a part of her successful campaigns, organizations, and many more to come, Meghan is all set to be the chief guest at The Power of Women. The upcoming event is to be held on November 29th at the Marriott Downtown Hotel in Indianapolis. An anticipated interview followed by a lavish dinner will mark the evening. Tickets per ten heads start at $5,000. $2,500 worth of food and drinks will be provided for the audience.

Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the first woman rabbi ordained by the Reconstruction Judaism Movement, will interview the Duchess. Women’s Fund, a non-profit organization in Central Indiana, will be hosting the event. The spokesperson of the organization recently stated, “Women’s Fund is proud to welcome Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, to Indianapolis – a mother, feminist, and a champion of human rights“. 

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The organization gained momentum and came into a broader audience reach when the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama, graced the same event a few years back. She addressed a sold-out crowd to raise around AUD$1.58 million. However, the premises of the event will allow no forms of media. This is in view to keep misinformation from being spread, giving way to controversies. 

Do you think the event headed by Markle would garner as much audience as Obama’s was able to? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Dani E Danguilan
    October 27, 2022 at 3:31 am

    Why not ? This is about the women empowerment. I suppose most woman would love to see and hear the Duchess. Most big companies will purchase the tickets for their female employees, I assume.

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