Did You Know Blake Lively Was Rejected for Amanda Seyfried’s Iconic ‘Mean Girls’ Role Before Landing ‘Gossip Girl’?

Did You Know Blake Lively Was Rejected for Amanda Seyfried’s Iconic ‘Mean Girls’ Role Before Landing ‘Gossip Girl’?

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively almost made it to Mean Girls once. The entertainer was about to get cast into one of the best roles played by Amanda Seyfried. However, things did not materialize, and the role went to Seyfried. Meanwhile, what might surprise the fans is that the two actresses did not audition for the same roles in the beginning. Yet Seyfried was cast as Karen Smith in the 2004 super hit teen comedy-drama.

Every actor does that one iconic role which makes an unforgettable print on fans permanently. For Blake Lively, that was the role of playing Serena van der Woodsen, while for Seyfried, it was playing Smith. But here is how Lively came close to playing the role, and still missed the chance.

Blake Lively once auditioned for Mean Girls

Blake Lively actually auditioned for the role of Mean Girls to play Karen Smith. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Amanda Seyfried revealed that she originally auditioned to play the lead character Regina George. However, neither of the actresses was selected for the roles. Instead, Rachel McAdams became the mean girl group’s head by bagging the role of the blissfully ignorant, rich but likable character. Lindsay Lohan played the lead role of Cady Heron.

When Seyfried returned from the audition, she got a call saying how she didn’t win the role of George. The makers felt like she was suited more to play the cute and bubbly character of Karen Smith. It was the film producer Lorne Michaels who thought she would be ideal for this role.

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The idea was a success and not only the movie, but the entire cast became recognized for their roles. Considering the fashion, plot, and cast, it still remains a much-loved teen movie. Lively, on the other hand, got her own chance at stardom.

How the actress found success with Gossip Girl

Blake Lively was certainly one of the final contenders for playing Mean Girls. She may have missed out on the movie, but she grabbed the lead role in the long-running series Gossip Girls. She went on to win the Teen Choice Award back in 2008 for her role.

On the other hand, Seyfried won the MTV Movie and Tv Awards in the Best On-Screen Team category for her role in Mean Girls. 

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Do you think Blake Lively would have been a better choice to play Karen Smith? Comment your thoughts.

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