Did You Know Aaron Carter Wanted to Have a “Man to Man” Talk With Kanye West, a Day Before He Passed Away?

Did You Know Aaron Carter Wanted to Have a “Man to Man” Talk With Kanye West, a Day Before He Passed Away?

Aaron Carter wanted to talk to Kanye West, a day before his untimely demise. The singer was the younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter and dated Hilary Duff during their younger years. Like many other artists, he too was a fan of Kanye West as a musician, but not necessarily agreed with the Donda singer’s opinions.

The Want Candy singer made an appearance on the No Jumper podcast just days before. During the interview, Carter touched on the topic of Kanye West and the controversy surrounding the latter’s recent actions. Although the late singer was also willing to work with Ye and help him through intellectual conversations.

Aaron Carter wanted to talk to Kanye West

Aaron Carter expressed the desire to work with Kanye West and have an intellectual conversation with him despite not agreeing with the singers’ opinions. The singer unfortunately passed away on 5th November. But just a day before, he had reached out to Ye through a tweet. The tweet read, “Yo Kanye let’s talk… man to man.”

It is unclear what exactly he wanted to say to Ye. As per reports, it was the 34-year-old’s last tweet before passing away. But based on his podcast interview days before, it could have been about working with him, or talking about the Gold Digger singer’s controversies.

Carter had revealed earlier how he was unpleased with West wearing the White Lives Matter t-shirt, as well as comparing himself with George Floyd. The Aaron’s Party singer had grown up in the music industry working with people of color, and understood how the Black Lives Matter movement was made for those who faced discrimination. Kanye West is yet to respond to Carter’s comments as well as his demise.

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Police are still investigating the root cause of the singer’s death, since Aaron Carter was found in his bathtub by a maid. Meanwhile, celebrities pour their heart out wishing the best for the lat artiste’s family as they mourn his death. What do you think he wanted to tell West?

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