“Did you guilt trip him..”- Asks Millie Bobby Brown to Noah Schnapps About a Rather Embarassing Shawn Mendes Story

“Did you guilt trip him..”- Asks Millie Bobby Brown to Noah Schnapps About a Rather Embarassing Shawn Mendes Story

Is Noah Schnapps the master of guilt-tripping? The Stranger Things actor is known for his bubbly personality, a quality similar to his close friend and co-star Millie Bobby Brown. He played the role of a shy young Will Byers who had a significant role to play in the show’s first season. His acting skills led to making him part of the main cast eventually.

Along with the show’s success, every cast member became highly celebrated gaining a mass fan following for their own uniqueness. Noah and Brown became good friends on the sets of the show. The duo has even appeared in interviews and social media posts together, so they likely know each other well. In a recent interview, Noah was asked a question that gave out some revealing insights about him.

Noah Schnapps and Enola Holmes actress Millie Bobby Brown drop the truth during a game

The last season of Stranger Things is far away from us. Meanwhile, co-stars Noah Schnapp and Millie managed to keep us entertained. They recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In a special round, the three played a game of True Confessions. In the game a statement about one member is given. And the rest have to answer whether it is true or false.

Noah read his question out loud, “Did I guilt tripped Shawn Mendes into following me on Instagram?” Millie started to navigate the answer by counter-questioning him, “Why did you guilt trip him, he didn’t want to follow you?” That is when Noah dropped the embarrassing story behind it.

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Singer Shawn Mendes is a big Stranger Things fan as he followed almost all the main characters on Instagram. Everyone but Noah Schnapps. So the latter sent a direct message to the singer expressing how he was “low-key offended” for not being followed.

The Mercy singer replied by telling Schnapps how much he loves him and eventually started following the actor. Despite his story, Millie Bobby Brown and Fallon had a hard time digesting the truth as the three had a session of laughter.

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