Did Warner Bros Tried To Delete Credits Scene From ‘Black Adam’ To Avoid Being Overshadowed by Henry Cavill’s Cameo?

Did Warner Bros Tried To Delete Credits Scene From ‘Black Adam’ To Avoid Being Overshadowed by Henry Cavill’s Cameo?

DC Extended Universe had been going through a rough patch for the past few months. The franchise was having a tough time with few releases. However, it all changed when the face of the franchise, Henry Cavill made his much-awaited comeback as Superman to DC Extended Universe. The Man Of Steel star donned his Kryptonian suit for a cameo scene in Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam. Undoubtedly, fans from all over the world were thrilled to watch the British actor as Superman after years. Cavill’s return was a very celebrated affair and even Warner Bros. studio was aware of it.

After a series of rumors and gossip circling Henry’s return, the news of Superman’s comeback finally came through. As we all know, Cavill returned to DCEU after a number of years. While people were excited to watch Black Adam, they were even more excited to see Cavill in his Superman suit. But did the studio delete another credits scene to save it from being overshadowed by Cavill’s cameo? Let us find out.

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Black Adam had another credit scene without Henry Cavill?

As per reports, Black Adam had one more credits scene. Apparently, the studio had filmed a second credits scene but later deleted it as Henry Cavill‘s cameo would have completely overshadowed it. The second credits scene would have given the audience a glimpse of Doctor Fate‘s future in DC. However, it was deleted since it would not have sat right with the return of Superman to DC.

The scene was to take place in a sandy location with the Helmet of Fate on the sand. Following the sequence, a hand would pick up the helmet and the screen cuts to black before revealing the person behind the hand. However, deleting the second post-credit scene makes sense as it could have not matched the hyped cameo scene of Superman.

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Interestingly, a lesser-known fact about Cavill’s return is that Black Adam had completed half of the fight scene without him. All in all, the return of Cavill opens up a lot of possibilities for the future of DCEU. With so many upcoming projects, it will be exciting to see how Superman will appear in future films.

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