Did the Royal Family Control the Script When Meghan Markle Was Filming Her Last Season of ‘Suits’?

Did the Royal Family Control the Script When Meghan Markle Was Filming Her Last Season of ‘Suits’?

The Netflix drama Suits is considered a landmark show in the acting career of Meghan Markle. The Duchess was widely appreciated for the portrayal of Rachel Zane on the television screen. She was a part of the legal drama from the very beginning in 2011. However, she called it quits in 2018 after the finale of season seven due to her royal wedding with Prince Harry.

The royal family has strict rules for all its working members and acting is something that they do not appreciate. Thus, understandably, the Duchess had to sacrifice her glorious career for the Duke. Meghan Markle filmed for season seven even after her engagement with Prince Harry. Therefore, were there any restrictions imposed on the Duchess? How did the Palace react to Markle’s acting profession?

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The royal family laid out specific instructions for the shooting of the wedding scene between Meghan Markle and Mike Ross

The royal author Tom Bower has made serious claims about the royal family’s intervention in the filming of the seventh season of Suits. Meghan Markle was handed out a set of instructions as the Palace controlled her life. The Suits makers had to submit the script of the show to Meghan’s agent Nick Collins. The Kensington Palace had a thorough reading of all the scenes featuring the Duchess, and it was only after their approval that the show could go forward. 

Meanwhile, the House of Windsor also had a lot of apprehensions about the wedding scene between Meghan Markle and her love interest in the show. Toward the end of season seven, Rachel Zane got married to Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). For the ceremony, she donned a pretty A-line white gown. 

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Though the institution allowed the filming of the scene, they strictly prohibited any kind of photographs. ” No photographs, the Palace ordered, were to be shot of Meghan wearing a wedding dress. Between filming, she was always to wear a jacket over the dress,” Tow Bower has mentioned in his book as per The News.

Meanwhile, the co-actors also noted a change in Markle’s attitude during her final days. She became a late-comer and was a little arrogant and stiffened on the set

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