Did Prince Philip Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II as Claimed by ‘The Crown’? Queen’s Private Secretary Answers

Did Prince Philip Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II as Claimed by ‘The Crown’? Queen’s Private Secretary Answers

The Crown is Netflix’s one most successful yet controversial show. While the first four seasons of the show received positive and great reviews both from the common people and crown servants, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the fifth franchise. The Crown Season 5 focuses on the most controversial scandal in royal history, the divorce of King Charles III and the death of Princess Diana. 

Apart from Diana and Charles, there is another narrative from the show that the monarchists have not received well. Since the beginning of the television series, they have projected Prince Philip as someone who has a wandering eye. Season 5 again questioned the faithfulness of Philip to his wife Queen Elizabeth II. The show’s latest edition depicted a close friendship between the late royal and Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Penny Knatchbull, which has raised a lot of eyebrows. Amidst all the rumors and speculations, Queen’s former private secretary, Dickie Arbiter has shed the light on Prince Philip’s character. 

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Dickie Arbiter addresses cheating rumors of Prince Philip after the release of The Crown Season 5

Queen’s former private secretary reckoned that The Crown is a good drama, but people should not take all the events mentioned in it seriously. Arbiter labeled Philip as a window shopper. Though the late prince flirted with a lot of women, he never bought them or took any extreme steps. 

He further defended the relationship between Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull, saying that the two were good friends as they connected over their common interest in carriage driving. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma lost her daughter and found a good companion in the Prince. 

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“The relationship was a common interest in carriage driving. Prince Philip took it up at the age of 71, having suffered from arthritis and he could no longer play polo. But she did take an interest in carriage driving,” Dickie Arbiter said while speaking on Channel 4. 

Further, Arbiter hailed Prince Philip as a ladies’ man who attracted a lot of female attention. He was good-looking and ladies often fell for his charm. However, the prince knew his boundaries. 

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