Did Met Gala Queen Blake Lively Just Set a New Trend With “grandma” Manicure?

Did Met Gala Queen Blake Lively Just Set a New Trend With “grandma” Manicure?

Blake Lively is no fashionista, but she may have just to started the strangest manicure trend. The actress is pregnant for the fourth time with her husband Ryan Reynolds. Together, they make one of the most powerful and well-respected couples in the industry. She is known for her perfect smile, amazing acting skills, and incredible fashion sense.

Rightly called the Met Gala Queen, for her unique and flattering styles. Though the heavily pregnant actress has taken a break from movies, for now, it does not stop her from trending for all good reasons. This includes her love for manicures. Back in 2019, the actress dedicated tiny manicure art to New York City. But now, she has brought along something interesting and rather unique.

How Blake Lively likely set an unusual nail art trend

Blake Lively is not only an expert at dressing, but her nails are always on point too. The actress took to Instagram to show off her new nails. As per reports, she pursued nail artist Elle Gerstein for her unique design. It has a name too, antique grandma wallpaper.”

The social media photo of the nails showed a yellow base with brown flowers and a tint of green. In the background was a wallpaper by House of Hackney whom she tagged asking if this is the first time anyone did it. They agreed. Gerstein is a celebrity manicurist with clients Blake Lively, Lindsay Lohan, and Christmas Queen Mariah Carey.

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Lively also got a tortoise shell print finished with a special red color that the actress mixed herself. Despite her pregnancy, the actress is not only active on social media but often attends events and continues getting clicked for her styling.

Being a trendsetter, it is no doubt that the A Simple Favor actress’ styles often end up becoming an inspiration for many. This would include her latest Grandma wallpaper nail style as well. Which will find its retro self in the modern days.

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