Did Meghan Markle Receive ‘disgusting’ Life Threats During Her Stay in UK? Police Reveals the Truth

Did Meghan Markle Receive ‘disgusting’ Life Threats During Her Stay in UK? Police Reveals the Truth

The flying rumors and speculations about Meghan Markle being harassed publicly were not actually rumored at all. The Duchess did face some brutal criticism and backlashes at Prince Harry’s Royal base in the UK. Although many of us thought those were just Royal experts and subjects calling her out, the truth, however, begs to differ. Far beyond the limits of verbal assault, the Duchess received some serious threats to her life. This is not us saying, but the former Counter Terror chief of the UK, who has recently affirmed so. 

According to recent reports by Daily Mail, the ex-terrorism chief Neil Basu has claimed some concerning news about the Duchess of Sussex. The officer has also claimed that bringing these facts explicitly before the public has cost him his job. However, he did not refrain from voicing out his thoughts and support for the Sussexes.

Ex-Counter Terrorism officer claims Meghan Markle faced life threats in Britain

A few hours ago, former head of counterterrorism, Neil Basu, affirmed that Meghan Markle received some serious, “very real and disgusting” threats to her life. As per him, many legitimate and top-tier teams were handling the investigation of the said case. For throwing more light on this matter, Basu used his C4 interview to highlight the racism issue that Markle had been facing. However, unfortunately, that led him to give up on his NCA job

As he stepped down as MET’s Assistant Commissioner of Specialist operations, he took pride in calling himself “woke.” Locking horns with the government, he further claimed that he was “alert to issues of racial and social justice” against normal citizens. This is nonetheless the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle we are talking about. Before concluding, Britain’s most senior ethnic minority Basu officer also revealed that his credible teams have also prosecuted the people who were behind the threats. 

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Reportedly, after his interview with Channel 4 Cathy Newman, authorities deprived him of becoming the rightful head of the National Crime Agency. According to him, the agency, in fact, demanded a total ban on racism officers. 

What do you think of the ex-commissioner and his views on the life threats against Meghan Markle?

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