Did Louis Partridge Ever Date Millie Bobby Brown? Who Is the ‘Enola Holmes’ Actor Dating?

Did Louis Partridge Ever Date Millie Bobby Brown? Who Is the ‘Enola Holmes’ Actor Dating?

Some actors make us believe they must have something going on off the screen due to their on-screen chemistry. Sometimes it becomes true, but other times, it is just their brilliant acting skills. When fans saw Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes with Louis Partridge as Lord Tewkesbury, they thought something must be going on between them. However, is it true? Did they really date, or was it just their acting?

As Brown’s Instagram handle suggests, she is in a relationship with Jack Bongiovi. However, fans were delighted to see the burning chemistry between Enola Holmes and Lord Tewkesbury in the Enola Holmes films. So, to answer your question, no, Brown and Patridge didn’t date in real life. And in fact, Lord Tewkesbury has given his heart to someone else. The one who has his heart is none other than the Don’t Worry Darling actress Sydney Chandler.

Chandler is the daughter of Kyle Chandler and Kathryn Chandler. The 26-year-old actress has given notable performances in The Golden Rut (2016), SKAM Austin, Chemistry (2022), and many more. Also, she starred alongside the British singer Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling.

Sydney didn’t want to be an actress and instead wished to become a vet. However, in the last year of her high school, she realized maybe that was not for her. She started with creative writing then. To study a character, she took an acting class, and she fell for it. And thus, her journey of becoming an actress started. Coming from a family of actors, Chandler proved herself as an amazing actress.

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So, how did she meet her boyfriend?

Partridge met his beau after meeting Millie Bobby Brown

The couple started dating in September 2022, as reported by The Things. However, they met in 2021 in England while filming a limited series titled Pistol. They both starred in it together. While crossing paths in the series, the strings of their hearts also crossed. Notably, this was after he has met and worked with Brown in Enola Holmes, released in 2020, which means their on-screen chemistry was probably acting from the get-go.

Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler relationship
Credit: Imago

Despite not having a romantic love interest in the series, Chandler and Partridge came close off-screen. And now, the actress is growing in love with Lord Tewkesbury. For the avid shippers of Brown and Partridge, it may be sad, but Chandler is the lady that has the heart of Lord Tewkesbury.

Did you know also wonder if Partridge and Brown were dating? Let us know if you shipped them in the comments.

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