Did ‘Hold Tight’ Leave You Wanting More? Here Are More Polish Series and Movies on Netflix for You

Did ‘Hold Tight’ Leave You Wanting More? Here Are More Polish Series and Movies on Netflix for You

You definitely don’t think of viewing a Polish series when you fetch a drink, get your blanket ready, and settle upon a sofa to watch Netflix. Even if Polish cinematography isn’t your first pick. There’s never been a better opportunity to see what this country has to offer film and television fans. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the top Polish films and TV shows available on the popular streaming service. We are sure with these films on your watch list the country will not disappoint you.

Best Polish series on Netflix

The Mire

This series will not only take you through Poland’s recent history, but will also transport you to the 1980s when the world on this side of the globe looked considerably different from what we see now. The story is set in a tiny, peaceful community. A terrible murder in the woods disrupts its serene routine.

With time, a seemingly simple case grows more complicated, and more people become possible suspects. The Mire is true criminal narrative with a twist that none of us could have predicted. Stream the show now.

The Woods

The Mire isn’t the only series that brings us to the Polish forests; another series focuses on the same setting. But there’s more to it than that. The Woods is an adaptation of one of Harlan Coben’s books, not just a random fiction. This engrossing thriller alternates between the past and the present.

The main characters must confront some unpleasant realities and address challenging issues. Once a gang of adventurous adolescents, they are now busy adults with hundreds of problems on their minds. A lost sister, deaths discovered in the woods, and many unsolved mysteries – this nostalgic series highlights the importance of friendship, first loves, passion, and commitment, which we should never underestimate. It is truly a Harlan Coben show. So, don’t miss out on streaming it.

The Hater

Who sets the boundaries, and how do you know when you’ve reached them? Tomasz, the primary character of The Hater, is definitely on edge and enjoys playing with fire. Expulsion from law school, plagiarism, and breach of privacy. But, because his fury brings him into the powerful worlds of social media and politics, it may be perceived as both a benefit and a burden. Rights are only a few of Tomasz’s heinous acts.

His career and success are inextricably linked to more risky actions. The devious methods of achieving success through the propagation of xenophobia and racism are merely the beginning, and what follows is nothing but pain for all parties concerned.  The Hater teaches us all a valuable lesson about broken hopes, lost love, and falling from grace. Stream it today on Netflix.

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365 Days

What is the phenomenon of 365 Days, one of the most-watched Netflix movies of the last year and a film with a zero percent Rotten Tomatoes rating? Despite being widely regarded as one of the worst films released in recent years, this production provides something unique to the Netflix community. This sensual thriller is based on Blanka Lipińska’s writings, who certainly enjoys stimulating the mind.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka, a Polish actress, and Michele Morrone, an Italian actor, are involved in an unconventional relationship with, shall we say, peculiar dynamics. Despite the fact that some critics claim the film encourages rape culture, manipulation, and Stockholm syndrome, the film continues to draw large crowds. The movie is so popular that a sequel is on its way!


Looking for something a little darker, almost sci-fi? 1983 is an alternative history thriller set in a communist Poland. We follow a young idealistic law student who partners up with a corrupt inspector to investigate a murder case and discover a scheme that threatens the dictatorship in an alternate 2003.

This dystopian picture’s compelling and frightening narrative invokes Orwellian ideals of totalitarianism. The cast of 1983 is nothing short of the crème de la crème of Polish filmmaking. And they certainly deserve recognition outside of Poland.

All of these Polish movies and TV series are currently streaming on Netflix. Give them a watch and let us know your favorite among them.

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