Did Henry Cavill Name the ‘Superhero Curse’ as the Reason Behind His Past Failed Relationships?

Did Henry Cavill Name the ‘Superhero Curse’ as the Reason Behind His Past Failed Relationships?

After his ups and downs as Superman in DC, Henry Cavill is more equipped than anyone to talk about the superhero curse. Moreover, Superman was not the only hero that Cavill has to his name. The actor was famously the first choice for Edward Cullen in Twilight. Although Cullen and his blood sucking tendencies would fail terribly if ever found near a superhero radar, the character did become a young adult superhero.

This, along with the James Bond link, proves that the actor is the type of magnet that attracts role from all parts of a superhero spectrum. While this is a blessing for obvious reasons, Cavill during the promotions from The Man from U.N.C.L.E opened up about the ‘superhero curse’.

What does Henry Cavill call the ‘Superhero curse’?

The actor would be the last one to be shy away from being grateful for his opportunities. However, he is also known to carry a spoon of honesty with him. Therefore, his ‘superhero curse’ statement did not come as a shock. “But there’s also a curse, which is that you’d better fucking look like Superman any time you need to get your kit off,” Cavill told Guardian in 2015 when asked about the obstacles.

One wouldn’t think that Cavill, who looks like the picture definition of Superman, will have a problem with that. What the Man of Steel star terms a ‘superhero curse’ is not much different from a ‘superstar curse’. However, when you represent truth, justice, and a better tomorrow, the standards are higher. But that wasn’t the only effect of the “curse.”

Other effects of the Superhero curse

Aside from the higher expectations, the actor revealed another problem with having the superhero curse: all the speculations. He shared how an actor would that one comment that isn’t positive. “One that says you’re only in a relationship to raise your profile, or to prove you’re not gay,Cavill said about the brutality of speculations and comments that came with the red cape. Although not with Amy Adams, Henry Cavill has had his fair share of dating rumors.

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Almost a decade after his first Superman movie, the actor is done and has dusted the costume. However, 2015 Cavill, who talked about the ‘Superhero curse’, would be astonished to hear how thousands united to fight for his Superman for weeks straight.

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