Did Harry Styles Really Boycott Adidas Over the Kanye West Deal?

Did Harry Styles Really Boycott Adidas Over the Kanye West Deal?

Kanye West has now reached the status of a millionaire from being a billionaire. All of this happened after he gave an anti-semantic statement on a podcast. Eventually, this led to brands like Gap and Adidas cutting ties with his brand, Yeezy, thus dropping his net worth. However, another celebrity singer seemed to have dropped Adidas after the whole Kanye West controversy. He is none other than the world-famous singer, Harry Styles.

Recently, Harry Styles, who is known for wearing Adidas all the time, suddenly dropped his regulars and wore shoes from another company. Can the Kanye West controversy be a reason behind it?

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Fans speculate Kanye West to be the reason for Harry Styles’ Adidas boycott

Harry Styles is known for his unique and classy fashion sense and has been noted for his excellent choice of clothing, especially during his concerts. The singer was recently found dressed in a full-body attire of Gucci at his concert at the Kim Forum in California. However, the thing that gave rise to the rumor of Styles boycotting Adidas began with the footwear he wore at the concert. The Watermelon Sugar singer mostly wears his Adidas x Gucci gazelles with his outfits. But this time, he went for a pair of Vans shoes.

Right after this step of the singer, there was a flood of messages on social media where people were relating his move to Kanye West’s controversy. Now the major question that comes to mind is that if Styles is boycotting Adidas, does that mean he supports Ye? The answer is a huge no. According to The Indian Express, the reasons speculated behind his move involve going against Adidas and Kanye.

Adidas took quite a long time before they finally broke their deal with Ye. After the rapper made that controversial statement in the deleted podcast interview with Drink Champs, most brands associated with him and Yeezy cut ties right away. On the other hand, Adidas hesitated in doing that and finally decided to break off with Kanye a week late. This is the whole reason the fans are speculating that Harry might have boycotted Adidas.

At the time of publishing, no official comment on this case has been made by Harry Styles. What do you think might be the reason behind Harry wearing the Vans? Let us know your comments.

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