Diana’s Ex-butler Claims She Would Have been ‘Devastated’ To Witness The Harry vs William Rivalry

Diana’s Ex-butler Claims She Would Have been ‘Devastated’ To Witness The Harry vs William Rivalry

Princess Diana and influence on the Royal Family still shows to this day. The Princess of Wales bid an early goodbye to all of her but her legacy was carried forward through her sons, Harry and William. Nonetheless, the same is on the verge of a complete fallout as the two brothers have literally gone down at each other’s throats.  The world was unaware of everything that was going on. Nonetheless, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all projects have exposed them all. 

Starting from Royal commentators and experts to everyone invested in the Royal Rift, all have shared their two cents on the nature, aftermath, and causes of the ongoing cold war. Adding more to it, the Royal Ex-butler to the late Princess Diana has also chipped in her opinions on the table. Adding to his recent scathing attack on the already estranged couple, the butler has decided to keep calm no more. 

ex-butler of Diana, Paul Burrell deemed Prince Harry, wrong 

As reported by The Daily Express, Paul Burrell sat for an interview with The GBNews host, Dan Wooton on Saturday. He was evidently a close staff member to the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. He pointed out the estranged Duke taking derogatory remarks at the Royal Family in his memoir. The host chipped in stating how it  exposed the ‘Vile and Nasty side of Harry.’ According to Diana’s butler, their mother would have been devastated by the brothers’ rivalry. 

The butler recalls how back in the day, Princess Diana used to quieten Harry in the best way possible. “Shh Harry, be quiet!” would say the mother when Harry would utter something inappropriate about the Monarchy. However, he takes on a humane opinion and shares that Harry is wrong. “He is viewing this through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy whose heart broke when his mother died,” Burrell said before concluding 

The Controversies have lingered to this day leading to both families falling out of emotions for each other. While William chose to adhere to the palace protocols to emerge as the future King, Prince Harry called it quits with his royal base and settled in the USA with his family.

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