Devastated Sadie Sink Fans Outraged as Max Mayfield Fails to Grab an Emmy Nomination

Devastated Sadie Sink Fans Outraged as Max Mayfield Fails to Grab an Emmy Nomination

By far the most shocking and heart-wrenching moment in the finale of Stranger Things season 4 was the fate of Max Mayfield played by Sadie Sink. What happens to Max is very much left up in the air by the last episode that packs in a number of big reveals, a gut-punching death, and a major improv for Stranger Things. With all of these sending a chill down our spine, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost the entire season somehow revolved around Max.

Fans were sure that the Emmy Award nominations would get her in for her striking performance. But upon being proved otherwise, disappointed fans took to Twitter and flooded it with vexed comments all over.

Angry fans call out Emmys as their favorite Max Mayfield gets snubbed

Fans bombarded Twitter with angry comments on missing out on their favorite cast, especially Sadie. Some fans were outraged stating that they were absolutely done with Emmys. A bunch of others expressed disappointment and trolled the award show taking reference from memes and cartoons. Sadie not getting an Emmy for her brilliant performance is a “crime against humanity” another tweeted.

“She put her soul in the season, she deserved more” a fan tweeted.

Others used the song running up the hill as a pun and lashed out about the same. “I’m running up that hill and I’m dying on it,” wrote music artist, Blake English.

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Reasons why Sadie Sink rightfully deserved the Emmy

Although she was not one of the original characters from season 1, Max, since her entry has been a perfect blend of a young, beautiful, and powerful teenager who outdid boys. While being a unique character among all other female protagonists, she was also quite brave to balance her personally distorted life and her high school, smoothly enough. As a great friend, especially to El and others, she has continued to grow in importance since her introduction in season 2, becoming a core member of the group. Till season 4, it was all Eleven and her powers alone that used to steal the show. But then It was ‘MadMax’ who was at the center of the storyline.

Having such a powerful character in the show, it was justified for fans to bestow all love and high expectations for big wins for Sadie. But given the fact that Volume 2 came after the Emmy awards nominations deadline, it’s quite understandable. Season 5 is already on the horizon. Let’s shake it off and hope for a big bash in the upcoming year.

Meanwhile, stream all seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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