Despite Labeling Her ‘The Villain’, Prince Harry Was all Affectionate To Camilla For his Father

Despite Labeling Her ‘The Villain’, Prince Harry Was all Affectionate To Camilla For his Father

Centuries would go by but some stains will never be able to wash off. History stands witness to all the rampant controversies and endless disputes which have continued to linger to this day. The same goes with Britain’s Royal Family whose darkest secrets are better hidden than revealed. Right from the time of Princess Diana, the UK Sovereigns are always neck deep in disputes. As the world knows it, the addition of Camilla Parker Bowls into the family was not welcomed by the masses. Charles’ youngest son Prince Harry was one of the many. 

Nonetheless in his recent tell-all memoir, there have been exclusive revelations about the Royal Family. As his mother’s life tragedy made up a good chunk of his memoir, other things associated with it have also been a significant part of it. The estranged Prince did not hesitate to call his stepmother the Villain of the family. The “housebreaker” as the world calls her, there have been ghastly revelations about the Queen Consort. Nonetheless, the body language has something else to say. 

Prince Harry was always polite around Camilla

Eminent journalist, Judi James has chipped in her two cents regarding Prince Harry’s ways with Camilla. James tells The Daily Express that, “there has always been an air of politeness about Harry’s body language with Camilla.” She narrated how the Duke always tried to adjust to the addition for the sake of her father’s affection. Although in the Spare promotional interview, he labeled Camilla as the “evil stepmother, he does not see her as one. 

However, the expert also claimed that the Prince could not ever show any signs of a deeper connection with Charle’s wife. In fact, she made a stirring remark on how they actually got a glimpse of the same between Meghan Markle and the Queen Consort. Although the Duchess’ life in the Palace was short-lived, she was in fact in the good books of some members of the Royal Family. 

Nonetheless, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to call it quits with their Royal Base. Controversies have never ceased to exist and the endless dispute between the family continues to this day further. 

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What is your opinion on the same? Do you think Prince Harry and his behavior towards Camilla was justified? Let us know in the comments below. 

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