Deku’s Iconic Fight Sequence Proves That ‘My Hero Academia’ Also Believes in Superman Supremacy

Deku’s Iconic Fight Sequence Proves That ‘My Hero Academia’ Also Believes in Superman Supremacy

If not political wars, one of the biggest wars going on currently is fan wars. Two cinematic elements that have amassed a massive and passionate fan following are anime and superheroes. Despite the similarity in the tropes, fans like to wonder who would emerge as a winner between an anime character and a western superhero. A pair that is often brought face to face is Deku from My Hero Academia and DC’s very own Superman.

While fans may be embroiled in wars, the anime creators are busy incorporating Superman characteristics in their protagonists. My Hero Academia‘s The Lovely Lady Nagant episode ends fan wars between Superman and Deku once and for all, as it takes heavy inspiration from the red-caped superhero.

Deku channels Superman in My Hero Academia’s enthralling fight

In the sixth season of Kohei Horikoshi’s adored anime series, Deku has to get innovative with his Quirks. His villains keep increasing and strength while the people he loves either turn their backs on him or succumb to death. In episode #134 of My Hero Academia, Deku faces off against Lady Nagant. Not only is she mighty and sharp but also the certified best sniper in the area.

During the intense back and forth, Nagant shoots at Chisaki, a former enemy of Deku. In an attempt to save his former enemy, Deku tries to do the unthinkable as he pictures “the sight of All Might rushing over faster than a speeding bullet“, according to Screen Rant.

All For One was not playing around when they sent Lady Nagant for the job. Not only did she come with an intent to draw blood, she also brought Chisaki with her. While Chisaki has been rendered harmless owing to his fight with Deku which ended in him being broken, Nagant uses him to trick Deku. As for Deku, he found strength in thinking of My Hero Academia‘s Superman: All Might. The hero from his superpowers to designing has a stark resemblance to Superman.

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Deku might have left him unable to fight when they were enemies, however, he could not bear seeing Chisaki lose his life. Therefore, he channels his inner Superman. Him being faster than a bullet is clearly drawn from the antique Fleischer description of Superman: “Faster than a speeding bullet“.

Deku vs Superman: Who would win?

Under logical circumstances, one would not skip a beat to jump over Superman’s side. After all, he is the symbol of strength, justice, and hope. And while Deku may not have such a fancy tagline attached to him, he does have the strength. Not only of Superman, but of all prominent Western heroes combined.

And with his power-packed punches in season 6, choosing Deku would be a much safer bet.

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