“Definitely screams disordered eating” – Gwyneth Paltrow Is Drawing Concerns from Experts for Not Eating Enough

“Definitely screams disordered eating” – Gwyneth Paltrow Is Drawing Concerns from Experts for Not Eating Enough

Gwyneth Paltrow is receiving flak for her diet regime. The successful actress has been in the industry for decades and has a loyal fan following who still idolizes her. But with power comes responsibilities. Fans often tend to follow their stars, noticing every bit and even taking inspiration from them. But that can also mean getting influenced easily in a good or a wrong way.

Now, celebrities often try different diets to maintain youth or for their roles. The Iron Man actress recently revealed her diet regime during an interview, but it has drawn attention for the wrong reasons. People are both concerned and critical of the actress’ health.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow receiving the backlash?

Celebrities have to be extra careful about everything that they say in public. But a candid interview with Gwyneth Paltrow turned into a topic of discussion about diet and fitness awareness. She appeared on The Art of Wellbeing Podcast, where she spoke to Dr. Will Cole about her regime. As per the interview, she has celery juice in the mornings, souls for lunch, and Paleo for dinners. Experts strongly feel that she is not eating enough.

As per BuzzFeed, Dr. Sammi Haber Brondo does not want to judge someone without knowing their full medical history. However, he added that “ it definitely screams disordered eating to me“. The doctor feels that the diet is super restrictive and won’t even replenish energy after the one-hour workout that she does. Another dietician, Kathleen Meehan feels that the low-calorie diet is not just bad for the actress, but is also sending out the wrong message about body issues.

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People are calling out Paltrow for her unrealistic and out-of-touch ways of life. But the actress herself seemed pretty content with her diet.

She admires and follows the Paleo diet

The Seven actress claimed that her body is not a natural detoxifier. While the diet seemed difficult at first, she explored Asian and Mexican flavors to make the food tasty. She even gave an example of how guests come to their places for dinner and enjoy the dinner without realizing that it is Paleo based. Her words are continuing to bring on criticism, but she has not commented on it yet.

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