Debunking His Idea of Sequels, Arnold Schwarzenegger Starred in ‘Terminator 2’ Because of This Reason

Debunking His Idea of Sequels, Arnold Schwarzenegger Starred in ‘Terminator 2’ Because of This Reason

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had immense exposure to life in general. Be it his professional or personal space, he has perhaps seen all the greens and blues and knows how to work towards being better. One such instance that would substantiate this is his willingness to debunk certain ideas and improvise whenever need be. If we speak about his career in Hollywood, the Austrian actor had this particular principle of not appearing in movie sequels.

It was only after Terminator that he finally chose to go against his own belief. And it had been pretty fruitful for him. Kudos to its director. James Cameron seemingly has a knack for creating sequels that are equally entertaining and successful, if not better. From 1986’s Aliens to 2022’s Avatar sequel, he has perhaps proved his ability to create sequels that would certainly become a box office hit. And because of this reason, when he first proposed to make a sequel to Schwarzenegger’s early detective flick, the actor could not deny it.

Since then, the Olympia winner has appeared in many sequels. Even though he perhaps still holds a great disregard for this entire concept. In an interview as recent as 2015, Schwarzenegger opened up about how he does not conform to this idea of making follow-up films. He said in the Q&A session, “The sad story is that sometimes studios do a great job at creating sequels, and sometimes they really screw it up badly.”

Terminator 2, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was a box-office hit

While the 75-year-old former governor of California would rant about how sequels were made with a “small budget” or are produced really quickly, none was the case with his very first sequel. It apparently went on to become a behemoth of the box office hit with a gross of $204 million and became Carolco’s biggest hit. However, Schwarzenegger still believes in original ideas than pitching the old ones with a hint of newness to them. Cameron was perhaps the person he could not say no to. And it certainly was a fruitful decision.

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What are your thoughts about it? Do you think producers need to focus on more original ideas than producing sequels? Do let us know in the comments below.

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