Debunked! Princess Diana’s Ex-butler Offers to ‘Counsel’ Prince Harry After His Wild Claims in Spare

Debunked! Princess Diana’s Ex-butler Offers to ‘Counsel’ Prince Harry After His Wild Claims in Spare

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been constantly subjected to criticism for one reason or another. Things have gotten worse for the couple ever since they made history by leaving the royal palace. After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spoke out against the discrimination they faced, the couple gained a loyal fanbase. This, however, has not spared them of the constantly growing anti-fanbase that they have gained. Even those who wish them well and agree that the British royal family may not be the most unprejudiced family have question marks. Especially towards claims in Prince Harry’s memoir.

Netizens have also pointed out how often Prince Harry mentions Princess Diana. Especially when he talks about Meghan Markle. While at first it was brushed off as a marketing gimmick, given the relevance of the late Princess Diana to date, the reoccurrence brushed fans off the wrong way. Fans came out with their own theories ranging from Prince Harry still not being over his mother’s death to presenting Meghan Markle as Princess Diana to the public. However, the latest accusation towards Prince Harry is not from just another netizen, but Princess Diana’s ex-butler, Paul Burrell.

Princess Diana’s ex-butler does not agree with Prince Harry

Paul Burrell, who has spent years working for the royal family, is not a stranger to royal drama. Moreover, Burrell himself has released a book detailing his time with the Princess of Wales. Said book was also called out by Prince Harry in his memoir. “It was merely one man’s self-justifying, self-centering version of events,” the Duke wrote about it in his memoir. He further claimed that “mummy’s former butler” had used her death to generate monetary benefits.

This obviously did not sit well with Paul Burrell, who recently announced his struggle with cancer to the world. Apart from his disappointment towards Prince Harry referring to him as “mummy’s former butler”, Burrell accused the royal of gaslighting himself.

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“I think he’s convinced himself that this is the way his mother would want him to go. But I could counsel him with that and say, ‘your mother was a huge supporter of the royal family,” he says as reported by Miss Claire.

Burrell specifically disagrees with Prince Harry’s claims of Princess Diana wanted to leave the United Kingdom to move to California. “Just because she wanted to have a bolthole in Malibu in California to take you and your brother on vacation once or twice a year isn’t to say she was about to abandon the country,” the butler claimed.

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While both the claims are up for questioning as they sound very much like “one man’s self-justifying, self-centering version of events,” whose claim do you think has more weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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