David Fincher’s $327 Million 1995 Movie Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman Is Now Streaming on Netflix

David Fincher’s $327 Million 1995 Movie Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman Is Now Streaming on Netflix

There have been a few years in cinema that have surprised audiences and critics alike as 1995 did. The year has been registered in history with the most impressive film lineup. Just imagine we got films like Casio, Toy Story, and Braveheart in a single year. And if we are talking about the 90s as a whole, then no other actor was ruling our hearts and screens more than Brad Pitt.

However, Brad’s rise to fame not only as a heartthrob but as a serious actor with tremendous skills was thanks to his 1995 film with legendary director David Fincher. And now, finally, the fortunate film that brought together the likes of Brad and Morgan Freeman together is finally on Netflix. Want to find out which film we are talking about? Then read on.

David Fincher, Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman’s 1995 masterpiece is finally on Netflix

It was the 1995 film that stunned audiences, catapulted Kevin Spacey to stardom, and established David Fincher as Hollywood’s hottest filmmaker. A piercing, brilliant, and thoroughly mature criminal thriller based on the biblical seven deadly sins.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker crafts a tight, blackly tart story about two detectives on the trail of a mass killer who leaves his victims in a state resembling one of the sins.

By now you must’ve guessed the film that we are talking about. And it indeed is the dark thriller Seven.

What is the film about?

William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is a seasoned veteran on the point of retirement, while his colleague, David Mills (Brad Pitt), is a fresh novice eager to get his hands on his first major case. They are a superb study of contrasts.

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Somerset lives alone and works as a detective in a cold and methodical manner, preferring the library to other, more sociable hobbies.

Meanwhile, Mills is preoccupied with his young wife Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) and conducts his research on instinct rather than logic. However, what they are up against here is unlike anything either of them has ever faced.

While it initially looks like the murderer is picking his victims at random, it soon becomes evident that they have been chosen because he believes they are guilty of the sin that their ensuing tragic tableaux depict.

The movie has a plethora of gut-wrenching scenes and one of the best climaxes in the history of cinema. We assure you after the movie ends, you still will be repeating, “What’s in the box?”

Watch the movie on Netflix and let us know if you guys liked it as much as we did or not. Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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