Dave Bautista Presents an Impressive Porfolio to Netflix for ‘Gears of War’ Movie

Dave Bautista Presents an Impressive Porfolio to Netflix for ‘Gears of War’ Movie

The impressive reception of Arcane: League of Legends and The Witcher has led Netflix to believe that adapting popular video games might just be its forte. With every video game adaptation, the OTT Mughal only seems to be improving. Be it an animated adaptation or a live-action one. So it would only make sense for Netflix to give a shout-out to Marcus Fenix aka Dave Bautista sixteen years after the fate of the survival of the remaining bits of humanity was handed over to him. And what better way to do this than to announce a collaboration with The Coalition?

For the unversed, The Coalition was the mastermind behind the development of the iconic Gears of War games. The news like any other video game adaptation has earned a hot and cold response. With more than 40 million sold copies, it goes without saying that has one of the biggest fanbases. And while we agree that all its fans are fairly passionate but you don’t hear them turning down offers to be cast in Fast in Furious for a Gears of War movie that wasn’t even confirmed. But Dave Bautista did. This is among his many reasons to believe he is the perfect contender for Marcus Fenix.

Is Dave Bautista playing Marcus Fenix in Gears of War?

While absolutely seems to be the correct answer to the above question, there has not been any official confirmation yet. Dave Bautista joined the video game’s universe by becoming a character that the players can unlock in Gears of War multiplayer modes.

To make his case in Netflix’s court hearing of “Why Dave Bautista should be cast as Marcus Fenix?” the wrestler-turned-actor presented a clip of him wearing Marcus Fenix’s iconic armor which he shared on Instagram. And for Twitter which is really in need of a Marcus Fenix of its own, the actor shared the same clip. However, his caption which read “I can’t make this any easier” stole the show.

Keeping the fact that he literally looks like a personification of Marcus Fenix, the actor has displayed his vast range as a performer in various movies.

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Furthermore, Netflix will be doing itself a favor by casting Dave Bautista in the Gears of War adaptation. Given how Bautista is already part of the franchise, fans will be more accepting of him. This way, the streaming giant can escape from the backlash faced by video game adaptations.

Given how he has already been a part of the franchise, the fandom will be more accepting of him. To see whether he can play Marcus Fenix, check out Dave Bautista in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery when it comes out on Netflix.

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