Darren Aronofsky Reveals the ‘Stranger Things’ Season Which Made Him Cast Sadie Sink in the Whale, and It Is Not Season 4

Darren Aronofsky Reveals the ‘Stranger Things’ Season Which Made Him Cast Sadie Sink in the Whale, and It Is Not Season 4

Sadie Sink was only fourteen when she started working on Stranger Things. But her acting skills garnered a lot of attention. The actress has previously worked in movies like The Fear Street series, Eli, and Dominion. But considering both the mass success of Stranger Things and her performance, a new window of opportunities opened up for the budding star. Sink played the breakthrough role of Max Mayfield in the series.

Sadie’s perfect execution of the role caught the attention of Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. The fourth season of Stranger Things got her most appreciation, especially for the episode Dear Billy, wherein she deals with the guilt of her brother’s death. Darren saw her ability and choose her for her next movie The Whale. But it was not season 4 that made him make the decision. In an interview, the director reveals which season of the sci-fi show got his eyes on Sink’s acting potential.

The Stranger Things season that made The Whale director choose Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink’s potential as an actress was recognized through her intense yet sassy character in Stranger Things. Her talent is set to be seen on the bigger screen again now. Sadie will be having a lead role alongside Mummy actor Brendan Fraser in Big Whale. Recently, Variety asked director Darren about what he sees for upcoming actress Sadie Sink.

According to him, her career will go only upward and she will be entertaining people for a long time to come. During his answer, he revealed that he was following Sink since she entered the Duffer Brothers show in season 2. “There is such a rhythm to Sink’s work,” said the creator of the hit movie Mother! He goes on to add that Sink can do anything and the audiences are gonna love her and be entertained by her.

Sadie will be playing the role of Ellie in Darren’s The Whale. The character is supposed to be as intense as her character Max. She will play Charlie’s (Brendan) seventeen-year-old daughter, who he is trying to reconnect with.

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The psychological drama has already received a lot of coverage for both Sadie’s role and Brendan’s comeback. So meanwhile fans wait for the final season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Sadie will hopefully give a blockbuster through this new movie. Will you be watching The Whale? Let us know in the comments below.

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