Dark Desire Season 2 Ending EXPLAINED: Who Was The Killer?

Dark Desire Season 2 Ending EXPLAINED: Who Was The Killer?

Netflix is back with yet another season of its extremely saucy melodramatic mixture of romance and mystery. Yes, Dark Desire season 2 is here! Although the mystery is genuinely intriguing, the show embraces its tone and knows exactly what it is to deliver to its audience.

Apparently, this Telenovela show revolves around Alma, a law professor, who abruptly decides to have an affair with her handsome student, who turns out to be a psychotic killer. She thinks her husband is cheating on her. Well, he is! You see, there are lots of love triangles, twists and turns, murders, and, of course, steamy sensual scenes that will keep you entertained throughout the 2 seasons.

If you are a fan and have already binged on the newest season of Dark Desire, you may have some questions. For instance, who was the killer? Don’t worry, we have got all the answers intact here.

Who killed Julieta?

While season one saw Darió as a protagonist, season 2 changed the course. Julieta, Darió’s fiancé, was killed by none other than the one she was supposed to spend her life with! Well, it’s of no surprise though; this psycho-thriller is all about vanishing into the dark to keep your desire ignited. Seemingly, Darió’s aunt, who was obsessed with him, played a major role in her death. She was basically jealous of his sensual relationship with Alma, and when she got the news of this engagement, she got her chance.

Lys made a master plan to ruin Dario’s wedding, which later went out of control. She drugged Julieta, sent her a sex tape of Dario and Alma, and enticed her up to the roof, hiding herself in the woods. Julieta confronted Dario about everything, which got them into an argument. As she heated everything just before the wedding, Dario couldn’t control his nerves anymore and pushed Julieta off the roof! End of the story.

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Dark Desire season 2 ending explained

Entirely in love with Dario, it shattered Alma when she found out his true colors. Season 2 brought her back as his blind mistress, just to lower the facade and show the true face of Dario to the world. However, Dario is not an easy one, and her two master plans to bring him down failed. Ironically, we see Dario confront all his sins to Alma mid-sex before she promises him to run away in the climax. But that’s not what actually happened!

It is a ruse!

Yes, Alma tricked Dario into having sex, to let the cat out of the bag using the truth serum. She injected him with sodium pentothal, and he spilled the beans like a baby. Having admitted how he faked having a twin to secure his bank balance, and murder of Julieta, he finds himself cuffed to the hospital bed. And we see alma smoking the last cigarette of the season, explaining everything to Dario. Well, have no regrets as he is leaving for good.

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If you haven’t watched this psycho-thriller already, stream season 1 and 2 of Dark Desire on Netflix today.

2 thoughts on “Dark Desire Season 2 Ending EXPLAINED: Who Was The Killer?

  1. Reply
    Dr xanya sofra
    February 14, 2022 at 3:47 am

    I thought the ending of dark desire did not make sense. There were scenes where Dario suspected Alma and lys. Then out of the blue he kills his fiancé. Why? Nobody was forcing him to marry her. And you have these two mature elder women complaining that Dario is a psychopath? Why because they both fell in love with a younger man? If anything it would make sense that lys was the killer. And Alma all of a sudden “knows”! And she’s so certain. Why all the hostility? I think they are trying to get a third season. Do they have this twist in the end that comes out of the blue. They did the same with season 1. After what Esteban did to Dario they started working together… why? Couldn’t Dario find someone else? And lys who is having sex with a minor while her husband was recording her and then murdered her husband is calling the 16 year old a psychopath because why? He was young and handsome and the old cow wanted him? Really? This is child abuse. Sure the young boy was into her. His hormones were raging It’s still abuse and she was the abuser. She scarred him for life

  2. Reply
    March 9, 2022 at 3:15 am

    My unanswered part is that Dario was called by Mark to say his funds were locked up. There is a Mark and that wasn’t explained or finished

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