‘Crash Landing on You’ Fans Are Flocking to the Shooting Location and Disrupting the Peace

‘Crash Landing on You’ Fans Are Flocking to the Shooting Location and Disrupting the Peace

While K-pop and Manga have been all the rave for years. In recent times, Korean dramas have also been finding fame internationally. Romantic comedy Crash Landing on You is one of them. The K-drama was first released on tvN and later started streaming on Netflix on December 14, 2019 and has completed season one.

The show quickly gained massive followers, becoming one of the most viewed shows in Korean history. Perhaps, one of the reasons is its scenic and dreamy shooting locations. Exotic locations, whether famous or infamous, are often one of the USPs for shows and movies. And with a hit show like Crash Landing on You, the location ends up becoming a tourist hotspot for the fan base. But what happens when a peaceful village is suddenly flocked with tourists?

Fans of Crash Landing on You rush to the location but not everybody is pleased

The villagers give a backlash. In the series, the main character is playing piano on a pier, in the beautiful picturistic mountainous village, when he sees the girl arriving from the ferry and falls in love with her. It it shot in the Iseltwal village of Switzerland. The location has since gained significance as a romantic spot. Fans of the show having been taking bus number 103 to reach the spot. The buses of the quiet town are now suddenly packed. This has become a hurdle for daily local travelers. The influx of tourists is more than the capacity that the village can handle. The variety of crowd includes people who couldn’t travel during the pandemic, couples for pre-wedding shoot, college groups, etc.

In an article source from Swiss info, Marion Krahenbhul says, ‘Iseltwal is a quiet village with a population of 420. Marion works at a souvenir shop opposite to the bus stop and also complains about the tourists leaving trash behind. According to her, tourists bring their own food, don’t make purchases, simply click photos and leave. The Bonigen-Iseltwald Tourism has backed her claims. They are now looking for ways to deal with the situation. On the other hand, some locals are also happy about the spots new-found fame. “As long as we do not have to pay extra taxes, we are not bothered,” says a couple living in the village. They think that the crowd will eventually die down once the fad is over. But the village will be discussing this in their meetings.

Meanwhile the show will continue to bring out more tourists

Crash Landing on You, the series that caused this, is based on a plot wherein a South Korean heiress lands in North Korea as a result of a paragliding mishap. There she meets the son of the Director of GBP in the Korean People’s Army, who is also a Captain in the army. And as dreamy stories go- he decides to help her escape and the two fall in love. The show has beautifully captured the concept of love beyond borders, even if it’s between two rival countries.

Now, the locals of Iseltawal may find solution to the tourism boom and ways to draw income out this.  As as fan of this series, would you consider going as well?

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