Cowboy Bebop Is Canceled but Can There Be a Spinoff?

Cowboy Bebop Is Canceled but Can There Be a Spinoff?

Our worst nightmares came true when the live-action Cowboy Bebop premiered. The streaming giant’s ambitious live-action project couldn’t go past its nascent stages, as Netflix canceled Cowboy Bebop. But, fans should not lose all hopes as there were some positive reviews for the series. Thus, we look at the possibility of a spinoff.

When it comes to spinoffs, Cowboy Bebop, the anime, has been stubborn, to say the least. But, its live-action counterpart hasn’t exactly been following in the footsteps of the anime. And if the trend continues, who knows? We could be in for a surprise.

Reasons for Netflix to make a Cowboy Bebop spinoff

Fans shouldn’t remember this live-action as the last of a legendary series like Cowboy Bebop. Thus, Netflix owes it to the fans of the anime and viewers who were waiting for the series. A spinoff movie/series based on Cowboy Bebop can also act as a redemption for all the live-action debacles Netflix has had.

The infamous twist at the end of the 10-episode series has left the fans confused, which led to negative reviews. However, the reviews for the original gang aboard Bebop are positive enough for Netflix to look for a spinoff possibility.

Chances of a spinoff series

Although Netflix has canceled the show, some fans liked it. These fans would prefer an alternative to the current situation where they don’t suffer. If you are one of those fans who wants a spinoff series/movie, the probability is low.

“I thought it would be a problem if I kept creating a new Cowboy Bebop series for the next thirty years until I’m an old man. So I thought if I finished it, I wouldn’t have to draw anymore.” Shinichiro Watanabe answered when asked about the ending to the anime.

Shinichiro is also part of the creative team that made the live-action. So if he wasn’t ready when the anime was at its peak, there is no way he would return now for something so disastrous.

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Cowboy Bebop fans can learn a trick or two from Dexter fans. Dexter fans were adamant about getting an alternate ending to Dexter, which resulted in “Dexter: New Blood“.

Let us know in the comments if you want a spinoff series based on Cowboy Bebop.

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