Could You Recognize These Stars’ Voices in the Guilty? Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Peter Sarsgaard and Other Big Names

Could You Recognize These Stars’ Voices in the Guilty? Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Peter Sarsgaard and Other Big Names

Netflix’s The Guilty was released on October 1st, 2021, digitally on Netflix and was an enormous success. This film is a one-man show by Jake Gyllenhaal, but it is not. In addition, several stars’ vocal performances steal the show.

The story develops around a man named Joe Baylor, who is a police officer. However, he is working as a 911 dispatcher as he awaits the court hearing. Working on a night shift, he receives a call from a supposedly kidnapped woman.

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t the big name in the film The Guilty, he is just physically present in front of the screen. There are many other big actors whose voice roles are there. If you cannot recognize them, we got you covered.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor

Gyllenhaal has done some amazing work, and fans know him from October Sky, Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. With his acting in The Guilty, he makes sure the fans stick to their screens. The film was a rush of adrenaline, and Jake ensured that the anger, righteousness, and guilt are ever-present.

Riley Keough as Emily Lighton

Riley Keough has received praise for films like Logan Lucky, American Honey, The Lodge, and Zola. In Guilty, she voiced Emily, the girl who has been kidnapped. Her voiceover has fans feel pity and sympathy.

Peter Sarsgaard as Henry Fisher

Hollywood veteran Peter Sarsgaard voiced the character of Emily’s ex-husband, Henry Fisher. Sarsgaard has always excelled at intense roles. He will next appear in DC comic adaptation, The Batman.

Eli Goree as Rick

Eli Goree voices Rick, Joe’s partner, who is willing to take the risk for Joe. In a true sense, he is the one who helps Baylor get to the bottom of what’s actually happening.

Ethan Hawke as Sergeant Bill Miller

Ethan Hawke, who has appeared in films like Boyhood, Sinister, and Before Sunrise trilogy, voiced the character of Bill Miller, Joe’s sergeant. But, his voice was unrecognizable to fans.

David Castañeda as Officer Tim Gerachi

David Castaneda of The Umbrella Academy fame voiced the character of Officer Tim. He is one of the most disturbing voices Joe had to deal with that night.

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