Could Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger Survive ‘The Ultimatum’ Chaos? Are They Still Together?

Could Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger Survive ‘The Ultimatum’ Chaos? Are They Still Together?

When we thought nothing can be more chaotic and dramatic than Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind, Netflix brings us another experimental couple’s reality show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. 

The show explores the lives of six couples where one of them gives their partner an ultimatum to marry or break up. So, the show helps the couple to decide whether they want to be with their long-term partner or move on. They get three weeks to date other contestants and choose a new partner to live within a trial marriage for three weeks. After that, they can reunite with their partner and decide to propose to them or break off the relationship.

So, as the show is on the verge of ending, fans have a lot of questions: Who got engaged? Are all the established couples are still together? More specifically, are Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger together?  

Because these two people have a lot of issues than other couples. Madlyn gets attracted to another contestant from the show, which has shaken up her relationship with Colby.

Who are Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger?

After being together for one and half years, Colby issued an ultimatum to Madlyn. He was all ready to get married and have a family with Madlyn. But she is still not sure about this enormous commitment in life.

Madlyn chooses Randall and Colby chooses April as their trial marriage partner. But things went south for the relationship. Colby and April formed a friendship and even shared a kiss together. On the other hand, it seems Randall and Madlyn just didn’t form a friendship. But the relationship is much deeper and more physical. They lived like a couple only.

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But we don’t know how far both of the relationships went. When Madlyn and Colby reunited, they even had a fight over Colby’s fling at a club when they were on a break. So, it is practically unclear what the two of them will decide.

Are Madlyn and Colby still together after The Ultimatum?

We still don’t know about their status. We guess we have to wait for the last episode of The Ultimatum, which will release on April 13th, 2022. And from our stalking skills, we find out that they don’t even follow each other on Instagram. That’s a big indicator of their relationship’s end, doesn’t it?

So, let’s wait for the final episodes of The Ultimatum.

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