Controversies Erupt as Royal Critics Slam Netflix Over Using “fake pictures” In the ‘Harry and Meghan’ Docuseries

Controversies Erupt as Royal Critics Slam Netflix Over Using “fake pictures” In the ‘Harry and Meghan’ Docuseries

Netflix has been riding a wave of success in recent years. With the announcement of the ex-royal couple becoming the latest on the list of celebrities on their project, nobody was surprised when their trailer became the most-watched YouTube video on its first day of release. Nevertheless, it fetched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a new wave of controversies online. 

What may be shocking to some, however, is how much the photo of the new couple being swarmed by paparazzi in the streaming company’s trailer distorts the relationship between the couple. The Duke and Duchess are often seen smiling and escaping from the pressures of life in the eye of the public. However, their upcoming docu-series has to say something strikingly different.  

Publishers accuse Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of using fake pictures for promo

While the Duke and Duchess are no strangers to the pressures of fame, the photo creates an image of Meghan and Harry that is rather grim and scandal-filled. As a result, various news reporters and royal correspondents have taken a jibe at the self-exiled couple. Likewise, an Australian media writer launched a verbal assault on Harry and Meghan regarding their docuseries’ teaser release. Adding to it, The Sun has affirmed that the steaming giant had also a completely irrelevant promotional snap to add more effect to the series. 

It claims that they have included a scene where Meghan Markle appears to be all teary in a moving car. She was seen bidding farewell to her husband, grappling with the crowd. Apparently, that was a scene from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premium where thousands of cameramen had gathered. Prince Harry, in the voiceover, says, “I had to do everything I could to protect my family.” Hence, it appears to give the impression that the crowd was hovering over the Sussex couple. Whereas nothing of such sort happened in reality, says sky news. 

Additionally, some eminent royal authors have quipped in their thoughts, saying, “This fake picture weakens his (Prince Harry’s) point.” The author of Diana: An Intimate Portrait said this comes nowhere near Prince Harry protecting his family. Other experts have claimed this was a “careless” blunder on the part of the steaming giant for using fake pictures to objectify paparazzi. However, the full story is yet to come. The Duke and the Duchess, however, have not broken their silence on the fake photo dispute yet.

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What are your opinions about the above-mentioned controversy? Do you think the pictures are fake?

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