“Comedy always has to roll forward”: Patton Oswalt Gives His Cents on Will Smith’s Slapgate Jokes

“Comedy always has to roll forward”: Patton Oswalt Gives His Cents on Will Smith’s Slapgate Jokes

This year’s Primetime Emmys was an event of fun performances, recognitions, and entertainment by host Kenan Thompson. But the Oscar awards incident still lingered around the Emmys. After all, it has only been months since the Smith Slapgate shook the world. Thus, everyone wondered if the elephant in the room would be acknowledged by the host or any comedian, and now someone has.

We all know of the famous incident wherein comedian Chris Rock joked about Jada Smith’s hair and caused Will to get up on the stage and slap the Oscar host. And as the Emmys got closer, everyone had one question. Will there be jokes or even mention of the Will Smith slap? Comedian Patton Oswalt gave his opinion about it.

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Comedian Patton Oswalt gives his opinion on the Smith Smith slap incident

Since the Oscar incident, a lot of comedians stood up for Everybody Hates Chris actor. Comedians are the ones that add life to Award shows so there was a question about whether it would be appropriate to talk about the Smith-Rock fiasco during the Emmys this year. Comedian Patt Oswalt thinks we should move on.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patt Oswalt was asked about the possibility of the slapgate being mentioned. The King of Queens actor shared how weird it is for him to answer this because he knows both Smith and Rock. But ultimately, he had a clear answer. Look- as a comedian comedy always has to roll forward, one way or another. So just move forward,” said Oswalt.

The Sandman voiceover actor’s answer makes sense. Rehashing such a joke will not put the Emmys in good light, with the incident still fresh in minds.

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Now, if you saw the Emmy, you know that Kenan Thompson, the host, kept his distance from the Oscar incident. The host kept his roasting abilities to a minimum. Looks like people involved in the Emmys also shared Patton Oswalt’s perception.

Meanwhile, we hope to see Oswalt’s involvement in season 2 of Netflix’s The Sandman if it is confirmed. Do you think comedians’ comedy should be taken seriously? Let us know in the comments below.

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