“Come on don’t fall for that, pal” – When Wrestling Legend Jeff Jarrett Claimed Will Smith-Chris Rock Incident Was Staged

“Come on don’t fall for that, pal” – When Wrestling Legend Jeff Jarrett Claimed Will Smith-Chris Rock Incident Was Staged

The Oscars are one of the grandest and most fancy events in Hollywood. Over the years, we have witnessed various memorable moments at the Oscars. Likewise, the most recent controversy involving Will Smith and Chris Rock left everybody in the audience and around the world speechless. Shortly after, the incident became the talk of the town as the internet split in two, some supporting Will Smith while others strongly condemned the I am Legend actor’s action. However, WWE legend Jeff Jarrett had a peculiar take on the Will Smith-Chris Rock controversy, and interestingly, he is on nobody’s side. Instead, he doesn’t believe the incident was real at all.

Was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at The Oscars staged?

Following the incident, Will Smith posted an apology video and penned a note on his Instagram apologizing for his actions. Chris Rock, on the other hand, was not having it as the comedian dismissed Smith’s apologies. While the internet was busy deciding who was right and who was wrong, WWE legend Jeff Jarrett had a different perspective on the incident.

Previously, in an interview with Sports Keeda, Jarrett made some interesting revelations of his thoughts on the Smith-Rock controversy. Speaking to interviewer Riju, Jarrett revealed, “Come on, Riju, it’s a work. He leaned into the slap. No security came around, he got back to the seat, and they had the camera shots. Come on, don’t fall for that, pal.”


The WWE legend also revealed that he and Eric Bischoff did the same on AdFreeShows. Furthermore, the WWE Hall of Fame added that the only thing that is real in the world was professional wrestling. Although a lot of people did notice that the Men In Black actor was laughing at the joke before walking up to Chris and slapping him.

Staged or not, the slap did result in serious consequences, with many of Smith’s films and series being stopped following the Oscar controversy. However, the actor still has a few upcoming projects. Some of Smith’s forthcoming projects are the much-awaited sequel of I am Legend and Emancipation. However, as of now, there are no updates on the release date.

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