Cobra vs Eagle, Does the ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Promo Suggest a Nerve-Wracking Showdown for Johnny Lawrence and Terry Silver?

Cobra vs Eagle, Does the ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Promo Suggest a Nerve-Wracking Showdown for Johnny Lawrence and Terry Silver?

Amidst the waiting for the new season of Cobra Kai season 5, Netflix is rightfully testing the patience of the fans of the show. While teasing the fans with the dramatic trailer and the powerful poster, there is another mysterious promo of the show. Is it suggestive of something?

Till now, we saw nothing about Johnny Lawrence’s Eagle Fang dojoThe trailer was all about ‘Cobra Kai’ and Silver spreading its franchises. Along with that, we saw Daniel bringing an old enemy, now turned friend, Chozen, back to Miyagi Do. There are a lot of fights among the students as well. But no mention of Eagle Fang. However, we see Johnny, Daniel, Chozen, and Amanda together talking about Terry Silver and his expanding strategy. But recently, we saw a promo clip of Eagle and Cobra fighting. What is it about?

A bigger fight in Cobra Kai season 5

In season 4, we saw Johnny against Terry Silver, and they had a pretty intense fight. It was one of the major things for which we wanted an answer. Silver betrayed Kreese, Tory, and other students of his dojo. He even tried to exploit Robby and Johnny’s relationship as well. And when Johnny confronted Silver, they had a huge fight.

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And now the recent promo clip suggests there might be a throwback of the unfinished fight.

“Strike first. Strike Hard. No Mercy,” always say the Cobra Kai senseis. And from the promo clip above, we can see Eagle and Cobra against each other. Is this clip suggesting what Johnny said in the trailer? “All we gotta do is get our hands dirty,” says Johnny to the LaRussos.

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However, Terry also warns Daniel and says, “If you continue down this path, nothing ever will be the same again.” We can also see Chozen, Johnny, and Daniel training students together at Miyagi Do. And now this promo clip makes everything much more mysterious.

What is your theory of this promo clip? What do you think about the fight between Eagle and Cobra? Who do you think would win? It is understandable if you want to keep your cool by watching the series here again.


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